Friday, June 6, 2014

Texas Children’s Choir at Normandy, France, D-Day 70 years on


Today marks the 70th anniversary of D-Day; the turning of the tide in the 2nd World War in Europe and the triumph of democracy over fascism. A day we mark in solemn remembrance. KIconcerts is proud to be assisting the Texas Children’s Choir as it sings in various official capacities in Northern France this week and attended today’s commemoration at the American Cemetery as guests of Presidents Obama and Hollande. (see invite)

Three days ago the choir arrived from Texas and later that day they were performing for WWII veterans at the Saint Lo Memorial Hospital. This is a glimpse of the remarkable interaction between singers and some of the surviving heroes from 70 years ago.

KIconcerts: Texas Children's Choir, Normandy France
We wish TCC well as they take part in the official activities to honor all of those who fought for the ideals of lasting peace, democracy and freedom from tyranny. They will sing at Omaha Beach before their finale at the Notre Dame in Paris. We salute the efforts and talents of all associated with these great singing ambassadors representing San Antonio, Texas, the USA and all the world’s young people.

Every musician we have ever hosted to perform at the American Cemetery, lay a wreath and honor the fallen has experienced an emotional and life changing experience.

Music touches the depth, animates the soul and honors the sacrifice.


Oliver Scofield
Executive Chairman


  1. KIconcerts' involvement in assisting the Texas Children's Choir during their poignant visit to Northern France highlights the power of music in commemorating historical events. As the choir performed for WWII veterans at the Saint Lo Memorial Hospital, the interaction between the young singers and the surviving heroes from 70 years ago was truly remarkable. This is a testament to the enduring impact of the sacrifices for lasting peace, democracy, and freedom from tyranny. Witnessing initiatives honouring the fallen is heartening, and organizations like KIconcerts contribute to these meaningful experiences. Their collaboration exemplifies the importance of preserving and sharing history through art and music, a testament to the talent and dedication of everyone involved. For students seeking assistance with their college coursework writing service, it is inspiring to see young people representing San Antonio, Texas, the USA, and the world, coming together to create a harmonious tribute to the past.

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