Thursday, October 22, 2015

You deserve a TOP NOTCH performance tour company

You’re thinking of an overseas concert tour
You need value for money
You’ll consider safety and comfort first
You’re seeking pleasant passionate folk as your travel partners
… people with experience and offices around the world
You want a festival with an inspired leader or a custom tour
…or the best of both worlds
You demand and deserve great venues, appreciative audiences…and unique immersion/exchange opportunities
Check us out with your peers here.

KIconcerts is a top notch tour company.

Custom Tours

KI stages great custom tours across Europe, in China & India, Central & South America, Australia & New Zealand as well as throughout the UK & Ireland in addition to our exciting festival offerings.

2017 & 2018 Festivals

Kennedy – Greece (New Year 2016/17)
Loeppky – Austria (May)
Peter – Austria (June, young men's/women’s/mixed choirs)
Stroope – Spain (June)
Dickson – Italy (June)
Sailer – Italy (June)
Leck – Ireland (June, Children’s Choirs)
Buchanan – Passion of Italy (July)
Dilworth – UK/France (July, Spirituals/Gospel)
Hella Johnson – Sydney Opera House (July 2018)

Included in our pricing:
Group tips | Travel insurance | Fuel surcharges | Individual billing option | No price increase if numbers require additional bus | Great PR/audiences for concerts | Great head office support before and during tour | Terrific tour managers, bus drivers and in country support | MyKI online planning tool for your tour | 1:20 comp packages.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Perform in Australia - affordable again! Custom & festival choir tours down under

KIconcerts: Australia custom and festival choral toursG'day mate

The Aussies (& Kiwis) at KIconcerts are here to tell you that Australia is competitive with many European destinations again. The Aussie dollar has dropped more than 30% against the US dollar recently.

Let’s show you around our backyard and stage you in this great land – comfortable, cultured, fun, furry and welcoming.

Three movies, a meal and a nap will see you there from the West Coast. Great connections from NYC, DFW etc.

Sydney – the jewel in the crown
Cairns – the Great Barrier Reef and Rainforest
Brisbane/Gold Coast – affordable
Melbourne – Europe down under

Sydney’s Opera House
will be hosting Craig Hella Johnson at our
2018 Festival Down Under. You’re invited!

Oh and New Zealand – is on the way or a great destination in its own right.

World class venues
Appreciative audiences
Enthusiastic exchanges

Down under – the way life is meant to be!

Oliver Scofield

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Staging Faure’s Requiem - Rome choir festival, early June 2017 with John Dickson

Dear Friends,

Perhaps the opportunity of international travel combined with music-making has shaped my life as a professional musician as much as any other experience.

Seeing the world through other cultures and singing in some of the globe’s great venues are life-changing experiences, whatever your career path.

I hope you will consider singing the Fauré Requiem (tbd) with me while we explore the grandeur of Rome and the delights of Tuscany.

Choirs will also combine to sing Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican. Individual touring and concert opportunities after the Rome Festival will be available for those interested.

Download prospectus for Italy 2017 with John Dickson

I welcome your interest

John Dickson 
Artistic Director & Conductor

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Join Catherine Sailer in Italy – summer 2017 choir festival – Sing Mass at St. Peter's Basilica

From the ancient Roman Forum and Colosseum, to the magnificent Sistine Chapel, Rome is an artistic treasure trove waiting to be explored.

Drink in the sights, sounds, and flavor of Italy, and immerse yourself in history and culture.

This is the land of Palestrina, Monteverdi, Gabrieli, and Vivaldi, and now we can add our voices to the chorus of history. Join us as we sing during mass at St. Peter’s Cathedral and Vivaldi's Gloria in our festival concert.

Download prospectus for Italy 2017 with Catherine Sailer

I am delighted to invite you to take this journey with me as we explore and perform in beautiful Italy!

Catherine Sailer, D.M. 
Artistic Director & Conductor

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Greece – a stunning destination – concerts, islands, history! –custom & festival choir tours

KIconcerts: Greece custom and festival performance tours
KIconcerts: Greece custom and festival performance tours

KI hosted choirs and orchestras in Greece this year. Each loved the country, complimenting the people, food, concerts, island tours and the incredible ancient history that abounds in the city.
We just returned from our breathtaking tour of Greece. It was everything we had hoped for and more!
Our custom tours from spring through fall feature the option for the three day or four day Greek Island cruise, opportunities for exchange and stand-alone concerts, the tour of the Acropolis and ancient Athens as well as visiting the Plaka and other famed sites.
Our 3 concerts to packed houses, the 3-day island cruise - Santorini and the Acropolis were so amazing that my students keep talking about the trip every day, every hour! I have led 4 overseas trips and been on 5 others and I feel that this Greece trip tops them all!
Our Greek winter festivals feature a week in temperate Athens with a day trip to some of the islands and the chance to welcome in the New Year with the Athenians.
2015/2016 Simon Carrington
2016/2017 Karen Kennedy
I can’t say enough about the hospitality of the Greek people and the wonderful planning by the entire KIconcerts team including the Greek ‘Expedition’ team. Thank you Oliver, Kathy, Susan, Michael and the entire KI team. Chris Simon, Director, Council Rock High School Orchestra
Touring Greece is comfortable and secure. Visitors to Greece are always welcomed with all the hospitality and warmth the Greeks are known for