Friday, May 27, 2016

KIbands on the move over summer - wishing you great holidays

KIconcerts - Council Rock marching in ItalyDear Director

We know the academic year is winding up for you so we wanted to update you on some of our great festival opportunities as well as remind you of the many destinations ideal for bands and orchestras.

We were proud to stage the Pennsbury High School Marching Band and Jazz ensemble in Sydney over Easter. At the same time Council Rock Marching Band and Winter Guard were in Tuscany and Rome earlier this year – they sounded great parading from the Coliseum forecourt. This week The UST Wind Symphony plays Dubrovnik, Mostar, Split and Zagreb in Croatia and Bosnia while the Orange County Youth Orchestra starts to pack for their tour to Spain.
KIconcerts - Orange County Youth Orchestra, Pennsbury marching in Australia, University of St Thomas

Leads our 2017 festival band festival in Vienna with options to accompany him to Schladming for the Mid Europe Band Festival

The Sydney Royal Easter Show (Australia) offers unique performances for bands, jazz ensembles, marching bands
The Harrogate International Youth Festival (England) invites quality instrumental and choral youth ensembles
The UK Band Championship features international ensembles

St. Patrick’s Day is made for marching bands.
Ireland offers bands performances throughout the land and across the year.
KIconcerts - Sydney Royal Easter Show, Harrogate International Youth Festival, Frank Ticheli, NCBF, St Patrick's Festival

Central EuropeEnglandIrelandItalySpain
KIconcerts in Germany, UK, Italy, Spain

While I am on the road through June & July visiting with groups across Europe Lance and Tanya are in the office working on your 2017 and 2018 concert touring plans. Let us know what you have in mind and we will put some proposals together for you.

Be safe, happy and relaxed over the summer.

Oliver Scofield

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

KIconcerts on the move over summer - wishing you great holidays

We wish you a happy and healthy summer while we welcome back ensembles and prepare others for travel over the next 8 weeks.

Highlights so far this season include: Simon Carrington leading the Athens festival, the Grosse Pointe Show Choir dazzling Ireland, Southwestern University singing at Notre Dame in Paris after a triumphant France tour, Concordia University singing in Stephansdom, the Votivkirche and the Mozarteum.
KIconcerts - Simon Carrington (Greece), Concordia University Irvine (Austria), Grosse Pointe (Ireland)
This week we host the Wyatt Festival in Budapest then custom tour ensembles in Croatia, England and Ireland. Next month sees Rollo Dilworth, Craig Hella Johnson, Janet Galván and Elena Sharkova lead great festivals all over Europe while CREDO heads to Australia and ACC wows a discerning audience in Harrogate before performing with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in London under Christopher Tin’s baton.
KIconcerts - Larry Wyatt, Rollo Dilworth, Craig Hella Johnson, Janet Galvan, Elena Sharkova
While I am on the road through June & July visiting with groups across Europe Lance and Tanya are in the office working on your 2017 and 2018 concert touring plans.

In addition to our custom tours (featuring Cuba, Iceland and Vietnam) we have amazing festival leaders programming festivals around the world in 17 and 18 including: Z Randall Stroope, Craig Hella Johnson, Rollo Dilworth, Henry Leck, Heather J. Buchanan, Ian Loeppky and John Dickson.
KIconcerts in Cuba, Iceland, Vietnam
Be safe, happy and relaxed over the summer.

Oliver Scofield

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Introducing Iceland concert tours - as close as Europe gets

KIconcerts - Iceland choir tours

Europe: 5 hours from the E Coast, stunningly different, comfortably safe, culturally sophisticated, naturally pristine

A stepping stone to the UK and continental Europe or a unique destination in its own right!

Perform in one of the great venues of Reykjavik, tour the breathtaking sights within an hour of this most northerly capital city in the world and then, just 3 hours later, find yourself in any of the great cities of Europe.


Spend a week performing and touring this island of natural beauty venturing north where time spans millennia with vistas as vast as the glaciers that formed them.

Iceland boasts great venues, grand pianos in abundance, a choral tradition steeped in Northern traditions, a language descended from ancient Norse and a courteous warmth from times gone by.

Horses as distinctive as when the Vikings brought them, whales swimming close by, a geyser that erupts every 7 minutes or so, steam that seemingly comes from the very centre of the earth and geothermal water for lagoons, swimming pools in every community and to power the country.

Perform and enjoy cultural exchanges far removed from the worries of the world and be forever changed by the traditional land that Iceland remains.

Be in touch for more information on custom tours and for information about 2018 festival programs with Henry Leck and Simon Carrington in Iceland (tbd).

Sjáumst á Íslandi!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Cuba performance tour updates

KIconcerts in Cuba - 2017 Rollo Dilworth Choir FestivalAs you know Cuba is in transition and renewed ties with the USA are a great symbol of this.

Cultural exchanges have never been more important and performance tours such as the 2017 Rollo Dilworth Festival are now welcomed and able to be organized without uncertainty. The greatest of the many fine venues are available to us with warm audiences and inspirational master classes as well as in depth exchanges: a chance to learn and share.

KIconcerts in Cuba - Omara Portuondo
There are few countries with a greater abundance of cultural riches on the streets and in town squares, in grand and intimate halls as well as in clubs and homes. I was fortunate on a recent visit to coincide with President Obama’s Humanities and Arts Delegation. We were honored to be introduced to Omara Portuondo an original member of the Buena Vista Social Club!

KIconcerts in Cuba - Maestra Digna Guerra and her choirAn outstanding choir under the direction of Maestra Digna Guerra sang for us.

Rollo Dilworth is leading our first festival there next year for community, church and quality student choirs.

It is time to consider visiting Cuba now that entry is easier and we can guarantee you the genuinely life changing concert opportunities that you will keep with you for life!

Be in touch for more information about the Rollo Dilworth festival as well as custom tour opportunities in this great country, Cuba.

Oliver Scofield

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Join Z. Randall Stroope - 2017 Barcelona Choir Festival

I met with KIconcerts recently to finalize details for my 2017 Barcelona Festival. I thought that your choir, or a smaller group of singers from within it, might wish to join us in Spain.

In addition to the combined festival choir rehearsals and gala concert in Barcelona, there are many options to perform your own concerts in Barcelona, Madrid or the South of France. Remember that one of the great aspects of this festival is the unique musical offering also for groups of singers from choirs not able to travel in their entirety.

Download Prospectus - Barcelona Choir Festival 2017 with Stroope

Barcelona is one of the great cities of the world with truly beautiful venues, Gaudi’s architecture including the astounding Sagrada Familia in which we are able to perform a recital, the ancient Gothic Quarter adjacent to the movement, sounds and colors of Las Ramblas. All nestled in a setting with great beaches, food, music and, of course, dance.

Spain is relaxed, comfortable with a culture rooted in a proud unique history and we have created an inspiring collective and individual experience for singers and choirs alike.

Join us on this great musical adventure by contacting either Oliver Scofield or me, Dr. Stroope, for further information.


Z. Randall Stroope
Artistic Director & Conductor