Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Cuba performance tour updates

KIconcerts in Cuba - 2017 Rollo Dilworth Choir FestivalAs you know Cuba is in transition and renewed ties with the USA are a great symbol of this.

Cultural exchanges have never been more important and performance tours such as the 2017 Rollo Dilworth Festival are now welcomed and able to be organized without uncertainty. The greatest of the many fine venues are available to us with warm audiences and inspirational master classes as well as in depth exchanges: a chance to learn and share.

KIconcerts in Cuba - Omara Portuondo
There are few countries with a greater abundance of cultural riches on the streets and in town squares, in grand and intimate halls as well as in clubs and homes. I was fortunate on a recent visit to coincide with President Obama’s Humanities and Arts Delegation. We were honored to be introduced to Omara Portuondo an original member of the Buena Vista Social Club!

KIconcerts in Cuba - Maestra Digna Guerra and her choirAn outstanding choir under the direction of Maestra Digna Guerra sang for us.

Rollo Dilworth is leading our first festival there next year for community, church and quality student choirs.

It is time to consider visiting Cuba now that entry is easier and we can guarantee you the genuinely life changing concert opportunities that you will keep with you for life!

Be in touch for more information about the Rollo Dilworth festival as well as custom tour opportunities in this great country, Cuba.

Oliver Scofield

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