Friday, August 14, 2015

Welcome back to a new year of singing - here and overseas

KIconcerts Custom Tour DestinationsWelcome back to a new singing year! We hope you have had a great summer. Ours was exhilarating and full of amazing performances in both hemispheres, across 3 continents and in numerous time zones.

We wish to take a moment to remind you of exceptional destinations, 2016 performance events and to introduce you to our 2017/18 line up. We look forward to being of service to you when you plan to perform internationally. Feel free to find out more about KI from your peers here.

KI stages great custom tours across Europe, in China & India, Central & South America, Australia & New Zealand as well as throughout the UK & Ireland in addition to our exciting festival offerings.

KIconcerts Choir Festivals2016
Wyatt – Hungary/Austria (May)
Sharkova – Ireland (June)
Dilworth – Austria (June/July)
Hella Johnson – Italy (fully subscribed)
Galvan – Ireland (July)
Kennedy – Greece (New Year 2016/17)

Loeppky – Austria (May)
Peters – Austria (June, young men's/women’s/mixed choirs)
Stroope – Spain (June)
Dickson – Italy (June)
Leck – Ireland (June, Children’s Choirs)
Buchanan – Passion of Italy (July)
Dilworth – UK/France (July, Spirituals/Gospel)

Hella Johnson – Sydney Opera House (July)

Contact us for information on any of the custom tour destinations or festivals so we can quote on your next tour for you.

Summer greetings