Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year from KIconcerts

Happy Holidays from KIconcerts

A new year beckons, we’re passing time
Friends hand on batons new stars are born
Holiday cheer keeps us in our prime
And sunset’s glory prepares new dawn

Your world of music’s an awesome realm
Crossing five oceans the globe’s a stage
Michael and Oliver at the helm
Your stories written on every page

Chapters start and audiences wait
In London, Dublin and Vienna too
Sydney’s harbor, Rome’s pearly gate
With ‘roads less traveled’ a different hue

KI’s thanks really knows no bounds
Far from perfect but we try hard
Loving the movement of your sounds
On concert tours we hope unmarred

Memories of 18 being filed away
With next year’s news still to unfold
There’s only one thing left for us to say
We toast your stories still being told!

Happy New Year from KIconcerts
Oliver, Michael and the KI team
here and overseas.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Custom vs Festival concert tours for your choir

We often get asked what is likely to be better for my ensemble – a fully customized tour vs a festival experience.

Travel dates, destination preferences and nature of the ensemble are guiding factors that might pull the decision toward a custom tour. Alternatively a director might be keen to have their ensemble interact with a specific festival leader, perform at a major festival venue or sing a chosen masterwork.

The term festivals covers a wide spectrum - local festivals we promote, our own festivals featuring KI’s great roster of choral doyens and of course competitions that others stage.

Combining a custom & festival tour is easy. KI’s festival tours are essentially a customized concert tour with: two half days of rehearsals (including an individual concert), a dress rehearsal followed later in the day by the combined concert (which also features our individual choirs staged in their own right). The rest of the each ensemble’s tour is completely customized to individual needs (touring, concerts, exchanges, duration of tour etc.).

In 2020 we have a KI FESTIVAL in each of our key destinations for different styles of ensembles at different times of the early summer:

KI's 2020 Choir Festivals

John DICKSON – Rome along with Florence & Venice options (June 8 departure)
Thomas LLOYD – London & Edinburgh gala concerts (June 20 departure)
Elena SHARKOVA/Henry LECK – Salzburg/Vienna with Budapest & Prague options (June 21 departure)
Rollo DILWORTH – The magic of Ireland & Dilworth entwined (June 30 departure)
Elise BRADLEY/Henry LECK - Toronto – closer to home – treble & mixed choir options (July 5 departure)

Our year-round DESTINATIONS include:

KI custom tour destinations

We would be happy to talk with you about which style of tour (destination and/or festival) suits your ensemble best.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Your next concert tour begins at the Midwest Clinic or with a phone call

KI & You - at Midwest Clinic

It would be great to meet up with you at this month’s Band and Orchestra Conference in Chicago or to chat on the phone if you are not attending this year.

As you know, KI stages concert tours around the world but you might not know KI:
  • includes core travel insurance so you don’t need think about it 
  • can bill travelers directly meaning one less task for you 
  • tailors accommodation and meals to your wishes 
  • ensures there are audiences wherever you are performing 
  • arranges exchange interactions and shared concerts as requested 
  • looks to borrow instruments (especially percussion) wherever possible 
  • matches venues to your performance needs 
  • flies new clients to our head office to meet the team and plan your tour 
  • adjusts the ratio of complimentary packages to your requirements 
  • invites you to talk to any of KI’s clients to ask what the KI experience is 
  • will match pricing with any comparable tour – without sacrificing KI quality 
It goes without saying that we plan your destination/itinerary/routing with your safety and comfort paramount.

I’d welcome the chance to meet in Chicago enabling us to blend your talent, leadership and vision with our contacts, experience and passion for bringing your tour dreams to reality.

Be in touch to make a time to meet or for me to call you if you are not heading to Chicago this year.

Oliver Scofield