Friday, May 3, 2019

Join Jonathan Palant in Vietnam - a unique choir festival opportunity in 2021

KIconcerts Vietnam 2021 Choir Festival with Jonathan Palant
Dear Friends,

In 2018, I led Dallas' Credo Community Choir on a performance tour through Vietnam. While being far from home and unfamiliar to many, Credo members found the experience to be musically exhilarating and culturally astonishing.

I am pleased to also invite you to join the "One Voice Choir Festival" that I will lead to Hanoi and Saigon in June 2021. This choral festival offers individual concerts for each ensemble, as well as collaborations with Vietnamese choirs in each city. Personally, I am most excited for the combined festival gala concert that will surely be a highlight for all involved. I look forward to leading this collaboratively with participating directors.

Vietnam is a welcoming country known for its historical significance and cultural vitality and, of course, its amazing cuisine. Together, we will explore the markets and street culture of Hanoi, the vibrant energy in Ho Chi Minh City, and enjoy Ha Long Bay’s jaw-dropping scenery aboard our luxurious overnight ship.

Vietnam is truly a ‘singing country’ and I have seen firsthand the enthusiasm and verve with which Vietnamese conductors and choristers bring to the music they make. Our concerts will surely be well-received and the friendships made through the musical collaborations will be long-lasting.

Download Vietnam 2021 prospectus

KIconcerts has the knowledge, experience and staff to customize a unique set of opportunities tailor-made to your needs and those of your singing community. I welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you as we unite those from varying cultures and traditions through the power of our music. I do hope you will join me.


Jonathan Palant
Artistic Director & Conductor