Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sing with Rollo Dilworth in France - late June 2013

KIconcerts is honored that Rollo Dilworth has accepted an invitation to lead a Festival Choir in France!

As Rollo Dilworth says: "I plan to highlight the works of both North American and French composers, including Eleanor Daley, Rollo Dilworth, Maurice Durufle, Morten Lauridsen, Donald Patriquin and Francis Poulenc.

I am arranging for us to meet and collaborate with local choirs and you will also have the opportunity for individual concerts if desired.

I trust you might consider your choir joining us for what will be a richly rewarding musical and cultural experience!"

Join us in France!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Italy - custom tours & festivals / touring and performing - Wyatt, Gackle, Smith

The most asked about destination at last week's ACDA conference

was Italy.

Rome - Florence - Venice

Pompeii, Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, the Alps, Sicily 

Nothing quite compares to Italy. Rome: imposing seat of a great imperial power, the Vatican - one of the great cities of our world. Florence: the cradle of the Renaissance, the Duomo, David and delights on every corner in this Tuscan gateway. Venice: a gondola ride away... 

Sicily is an island like no other – intimate, boasting a unique history, people and cuisine. Tour Tuscany, marvel at what is left of Pompeii, glide along the Amalfi Coast and consider crossing the Alps to Vienna or Prague. 

Concerts in breathtaking places, sing Mass at St Peter's, exchange opportunities, be transported to places and times from where some of our greatest music comes. Create your own custom tour or join a festival for a few days first: 
  • Our Larry Wyatt festival is in the early Italian summer 2013 – fine choirs, awe inspiring venues, great repertoire
  • Lynne Gackle leads the festival for young women's voices – Cantare Roma! Celebrating the voices of high school and college women - an exciting addition to our roster 
  • Michael Smith, Catholic University of America, is leading an honor choir festival to Rome in late June 2013, individual singers, partial or full choirs are welcome

Our festivals welcome full choirs or partial choirs, perform in the gala concerts, present your own optional concerts and enjoy exchange programs.
Italy calls to all singers at least once in their lives. If the time is right to start planning your forthcoming performance tour to Italy, then contact us now. 


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Austria - custom tours & festivals / touring & performing - Z. Randall Stroope,

One of the two most asked about destinations
at this
week's ACDA conferences
is Austria

Salzburg / Vienna
maybe start in Munich or end in Prague.

There is no greater concentration of charm and music perhaps anywhere in the world. Our custom tours offer concerts, exchanges, the option to sing Mass, the Sound of Music tour and the chance to experience the grandeur of Viennese life.
  • Randall Stroope leads our 2013 Austrian summer festival. A stunning composer, inspirational festival leader and great bridge to the history, culture and music of the region.
    Bring a full choir, bring a partial choir, perform in the gala concerts, present your own optional concerts and enjoy exchange programs.
If Austria is where your heart is heading then be in touch with us for proposals and tour outlines. My father was from Vienna, our European operations are headquartered there. 

No-one knows Austria better than KI!