Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Perform in Austria with Rollo Dilworth - Notes of Joy Choir Festival, June 2016

KIconcerts: Notes of Joy Choir Festival Austria 2016

Dear Director

If you’re thinking of a 2016 concert tour then consider joining me and the KIconcerts team in Austria. Our 2016 Notes of Joy Festival features individual performances, combined gala concerts in Vienna and Salzburg as well as extension touring and further concerts.

Our festivals are a great blend of individual ensemble touring as well as combined rehearsal and performance.

Any ensemble traveling overseas needs time to experience new cultures and the people of the great cities they are visiting as well as to have their own performance spotlight. Many also enjoy joining with other choirs in exceptional venues in front of large audiences under the Artistic Director of their chosen festival.

Nothing matches the spirit of international touring, little replicates a lifetime’s musical memories and the joy evident on singers’ faces when performing in some of Europe’s finest acoustics.

We all know that international touring is a major undertaking, but one that we see communities support as their ensembles are elevated to the world stage. There are few international choral destinations as compelling as Austria.

Let us know if touring overseas in 2016 is achievable for your ensemble
Rollo Dilworth
Rollo Dilworth

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Young people singing internationally - Henry Leck’s 2016 French Riviera Choir Festival

Conducting children and young people is my life’s passion. There is something special about staging children’s and youth choirs overseas. I am confident we have selected an extraordinary destination for our 2016 festival - French Riviera.

We program individual concerts and performances for those that want them. Choirs combine for rehearsals, songfests and gala concerts in commanding settings with great European acoustics and warm overflowing audiences. Our young singers instinctively know the magic and energy of collaboration.

I am often asked why international touring is important, or even relevant, given limited resources. I believe touring young people’s choirs overseas:
  • allows them to reach an elevated level
  • builds longevity through energizing new interest
  • creates camaraderie that comes from traveling together for a week
  • enables young singers to touch the cultures from where so much of our musical tradition flows
  • allows young singers to be musical ambassadors for their community, state and country.
It facilitates life changing experiences!

I consider the safety and comfort of proposed destinations. I reflect on the repertoire to match and challenge the talent of the registering choirs. I think about the appropriateness of venues and what instrumental accompaniment will provide the richest musical experience. I also look to strengthen your work with your singers, honoring your great talent and dedication.

I’m pleased to invite you to our 2016 French Riviera Festival.

Henry Leck
Henry Leck