Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Perform in Australia - affordable again! Custom & festival choir tours down under

KIconcerts: Australia custom and festival choral toursG'day mate

The Aussies (& Kiwis) at KIconcerts are here to tell you that Australia is competitive with many European destinations again. The Aussie dollar has dropped more than 30% against the US dollar recently.

Let’s show you around our backyard and stage you in this great land – comfortable, cultured, fun, furry and welcoming.

Three movies, a meal and a nap will see you there from the West Coast. Great connections from NYC, DFW etc.

Sydney – the jewel in the crown
Cairns – the Great Barrier Reef and Rainforest
Brisbane/Gold Coast – affordable
Melbourne – Europe down under

Sydney’s Opera House
will be hosting Craig Hella Johnson at our
2018 Festival Down Under. You’re invited!

Oh and New Zealand – is on the way or a great destination in its own right.

World class venues
Appreciative audiences
Enthusiastic exchanges

Down under – the way life is meant to be!

Oliver Scofield

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