Friday, November 23, 2012

This week at KI - 23 November 2012

This week at KI we are especially grateful for:

  • A great and stable staff team at KI handling flights, traveler registration, touring, music and maintaining client relationships
  • Our returning ensembles – after 8 years of ownership we have increased our return business significantly – the numbers climb steadily year to year
  • Our superb, international partners overseas in Europe, England / Ireland, Australia, China, South Africa, Costa Rica, Mexico and Brazil who care about our musicians as much as we do
  • The slow but steady recovery in the US economy
  • Those who work to keep peace around the world
  • All of those who reached out with concern during the fires here in Colorado Springs as well as for the safety of all of those still rebuilding on the East Coast after the Hurricane.
There is much for us at KIconcerts to be grateful to you for!

Last week was another big week in Colorado 

  • We launched the new Entrée Europe concert tours from $2300 including air fare from NY AND fuel surcharges – 8 X 2 city pairs across Europe for $2300 in winter, $2500 in spring and $2700 in summer including air travel and surcharges!!
  • We hosted a visit by our partner in Puerto Rico to plan out the 2014 concert tour program in Puerto Rico.
  • Confirmed availability of the Sibelius Academy Concert Hall for one of our fine ensembles touring Helsinki in February

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