Monday, November 19, 2012

Europe! Affordable! Now! - Entrée Europe packages launched

Affordable concert tours to Europe - Entrée Europe

$2300 including airfare and fuel surcharges sees your ensemble performing in Europe. Welcome to a new world of travel to Europe…Entrée Europe!



From $2300 in winter, $2500 in spring & $2700 in summer from New York gateway airports including fuel surcharges and travel taxes as they are today.

The great city pairs 




At $2300 for winter travel (including the fuel surcharges and taxes) performing in Europe can be cheaper than touring domestically and to Hawaii - with far superior service levels and the once in a life time chance to perform in historic Europe!


A full concert in each of two cities with one additional outreach or exchange style performance.


Entrée Europe provides breakfast daily and 4 dinners – the others are for you to plan to have ‘picnics by the river’, dine in small groups or arrange your own group meals

Time to explore

A half day at least in each major city to choose the highlights you want your ensemble to see. Your full time travel manager can assist you to make any bookings you require


We provide the canvass, you paint the picture. Bus transfers daily even on the days when there is free time to explore the city.


3 star + hotels – twin share - safe and comfortable. Usually within 30 minutes of the city center.

Have a look at our budget tips for funding concert tours. Let us know what airport you would like your tour priced from and if there are any features you wish to have added and we will forward you a proposal to distribute to decision makers and potential travelers. Click here to contact us.

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