Wednesday, September 16, 2015

UK/Ireland – destinations for great choral singing – custom choir tours & festivals

KIconcerts: UK/Ireland performance toursThe United Kingdom offers everything: history, a shared culture/language, music and iconic sightseeing.

London, Wales, Scotland, the Harrogate Festival and Ireland offer many great touring options.

KIconcerts: UK/Ireland performance toursEnjoy individual concerts, exchanges, shared performances, grand and intimate venues and warm appreciative audiences.

The 2016 Irish festival opportunities are:
Elena Sharkova – June
Janet Galván – July

In 2017 we are honored to present Henry Leck in Ireland and Rollo Dilworth in London:
Henry Leck – Cork & Dublin with children’s and youth choirs
Rollo Dilworth – London & Paris with choirs that feature spirituals/gospel music in their repertoire.

The UK/Ireland offers all the pomp and circumstance one associates with this part of the world.

Join us in one of the most comfortable and easiest European destinations.

Oliver Scofield

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