Monday, April 30, 2012

Feature in the Spain International Band Festival with Matthew George - June 2013

KIconcerts is honored that Matthew George has accepted
an invitation to lead a festival in Spain!

  • Perform in Valencia; band capital of Europe  
  • Play individually, in exchange concerts, and/or in the combined band  
  • Perform in stunning venues with enthusiastic audiences  
  • Tour the amazing country of Spain!
Spain's history, culture and music enthralls visitors. The food, architecture and vistas stimulate the senses while its great love of band music makes it the perfect band destination.

Let me introduce you and your musicians to the Spain I know so well. Bring your entire band, or choose to bring a group of your musicians to perform in the combined Festival Band. Join us for this unique chance to perform memorable music and soak in centuries of history! 

I look forward to seeing you in Spain

Dr. Matthew George
Director of Bands, University of St. Thomas

Friday, April 27, 2012

Cantare Roma! Join Lynne Gackle in Italy - June 2013

KIconcerts is honored that Lynne Gackle has accepted
an invitation to lead a festival in Italy!

"Consider joining us as we present the finest young female singers, performing the greatest literature in some of the most recognizable venues in the world.

Cantare Roma is a festival solely for high school- and college-aged women who sing!

JOIN us as we celebrate beautiful music as singers, with appreciative audiences. EXPLORE with us the secrets and the history of Rome. CONSIDER extensions to sing in Florence and/or Venice.
Cantare Roma!!!"  - Lynne Gackle

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Perform with Rollo Dilworth in France - June 2013

KIconcerts is honored that Rollo Dilworth has accepted
an invitation to lead a festival in France!

Sing with a leading youth choir in Lyon
Individual concerts in Paris
Combined festival choir performance
Opt to pay homage to the fallen in Normandy.
For all of us there is a shared romance associated with France. High culture, top fashion and an appreciation for the arts.
Let's venture together - either as whole choirs or groups of singers - to this wonderland making memorable music and soaking in centuries of history!

I hope to see you there!   - Rollo Dilworth

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Join Z. Randall Stroope in Austria - June 2013

KIconcerts is honored that Z. Randall Stroope has accepted an invitation to lead the Austrian Musikkonzerte Festival!

"Come to Austria to perform in a program that I have selected for our gala concert in Salzburg.

Is there a greater place on earth for fine choral music than Vienna or Salzburg?

  • Sing in the combined choir – full choirs and parts of choirs most welcome 
  • Sing individually if you wish
  • Enjoy the 'behind the scenes touring' experience that KIconcerts will create
These are my favorite cities in the world!

I hope there may be a chance for me to share them with you as we share our music with Austria"   -
Z. Randall Stroope

Join us in Austria!