Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Combined choral AND instrumental international tour opportunities

KI celebrates those schools that combine their vocal and instrumental ensembles for touring purposes. Let us propose the ideal tour to meet the needs of choirs or bands or orchestras touring together.

There are many great reasons to combine these tours:

  • Building the right numbers to get the best pricing deals
  • Maximizing the participation of all music students so that all gain an equal opportunity
  • Avoiding discussion within the program as to which ensemble should tour next
  • Taking the full talent range of the music program on tour.

Traveling with more than one genre does not mean that any compromises have to be made:

  • Audiences will be invited that welcome a rounded program
  • Venues will be selected that allow all ensembles to shine
  • Exchanges will be secured that involve similar genre to that which you are taking.

Contact us to show you how easy this is to arrange

Oliver Scofield 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

♪ Singing in Austria with Karen Kennedy - June 2015

Austria Sings...
The invitation
JUNE 2015
KIconcerts: Singing in Austria with Karen Kennedy - June 2015
Every singer should have an invitation
to sing at least once in Vienna and Salzburg.

Perform in the land of
Mozart, Haydn, Mahler and other great masters.
Austria, the crucible of so much of our music.

Festival Gala concert, individual concerts
Immersion in this extraordinary culture
Touring, exploring and singing!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sing in Ireland with Rollo Dilworth - June/July 2015

It would be great if you could join us

Ireland Sings
KIconcerts: Ireland Sings with Rollo Dilworth, summer 2015Festival gala performances and individual concerts
Dublin and Belfast in early July next year

We’ll feature some Irish pieces
collaborating with Irish clinicians and young Irish choristers.
North America and Ireland united through song!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Adam Maas - the new band guy at KIconcerts

Greetings fellow band musicians,

I wanted to let you know I have just joined the KIconcerts team. This is such a great fit as I have been playing in wind ensembles for most of my life and have a passion for staging concerts for fine bands around the world.

KIconcerts arranges the finest international band concert tours for ensembles - be it exchange performances in Vienna, with Frank Ticheli in London's Central Westminster Hall, in festivals at the Sydney Opera house, performing outreach concerts in South Africa or last week’s band tour for Snow College in Costa Rica. Wherever we take you, we’ll apply the same planning principles; safety and comfort, performances with great instruments in engaging venues for appreciative audiences as well as hotels, food and great touring that makes up the full exciting package.

Adam Maas, KIconcerts
I took my first performance tour as part of the University of St. Thomas Wind Ensemble with the team from KIconcerts to Australia in the spring of 1998. I fully understood the value of international concert tours from that moment on. I toured again with KI last year, this time to India, as part of UST’s amazing tour there. From this experience I decided to work in the area of planning and operating international concert tours for US ensembles and was pleased to be offered a position at KI, America’s leading international concert tour planning company. I am passionate about getting the touring experience right for bands. I know first-hand the issues involved in moving instruments, the impact of things like different climates etc. and the unique effort involved on your part to move an instrumental ensemble.

I have just returned from hosting a tour in Italy for the Towson University Symphonic Band and have included below some comments we received from the Director a few days ago.

I just wanted to take a moment of your time now to let you know I am now at KI, and that I will be making contact to see how I might help develop the perfect international concert tour for you and your band.

Many thanks and I will be in touch to follow up your thoughts on international concert tour opportunities.

Adam Maas, Director of Client Relations - KIconcerts

P.S. See some of the great pics of Towson University Symphonic Band performing in diverse venues and enjoying a gondola ride last week.

KIconcerts - Towson University Symphonic Band in Italy 2014

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

You're invited! - Passion of Italy choir festival with Henry Leck

You're invited
Passion of Italy

Rehearse and perform together and separately –
create beautiful music in Italy with me.

Sing Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica
Gala concert in one of the grand venues of Rome
Optional gala concert in Florence and
individual performances in Venice

History, food, culture, education,
fun and SINGING!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

♪ Italy’s Notes of Joy Choir Festival – Rome, June 2015 with Gregory Gentry

I’d be honored if you would consider bringing your choir (or a group of your singers) with me to Italy for the Notes of Joy festival I am leading there next June. In addition to singing Mass at St. Peter’s, and the gala festival choir concert, there will be opportunities for individual performances and options to continue touring and singing in Florence and Venice.

At 16 years of age, I had the privilege of performing with my high school ensembles to France, England and Ireland. It was a remarkable and life-changing journey. Through this, I learned to appreciate other cultures, absorb the historic beauty of European cities and countryside, make life-long friendships and create music beyond anything I had ever experienced.

In part this is why I have accepted the invitation to lead the Notes of Joy festival - hoping to help make the same kind of opportunity available to other singers.

Traveling to Italy enables you to sing in glorious centuries-old cathedrals, see magnificent frescos by Michelangelo, savor the aromas of authentic Italian food, and hear the Italian language spoken - the operatic language of so many Verdi, Puccini and Mozart operas.

Join me in creating music and memories that will stay with you for a lifetime
Gregory Gentry
Gregory Gentry

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Singing in Austria ♪ June 2015 with Dr. Karen Kennedy

Dear friend

Please consider joining me for an incredible musical and cultural experience in Vienna, the European ‘cradle of culture’! This is where I will be leading a festival of choirs featuring individual and combined choir performances in Vienna and Salzburg next summer.

The choral art form is replete with contributions from many Austrian artists, including Mozart, Mahler, Haydn. To sing the works of the great composers where they were originally performed is an unforgettable experience—one that forever impacts the way we interpret the legacies of these masters.

Our performances will be presented where old-world charm is found on every street corner - in the cathedrals, shops, and museums of Austria. The cultural exchange between American singers and Austrian musicians/audiences brings a palpable energy, both on and off stage, an energy that needs be experienced by every musician once in their life if possible.

I look forward to the chance of working with you and your singers to create a top-flight experience. Until we meet ...

Alles Gute! (All the Best!)
Karen Kennedy

Karen Kennedy