Friday, August 15, 2014

Your 2015/2016 touring planning - choir festivals & custom tours


The coming of fall is a timely reminder of the exceptional destinations and festivals being finalized now for 2015 as well as new 2016 opportunities.
KIconcerts 2014
Our best season ever – rave reviews for our festivals and revisiting exceptional destinations including Greece and Turkey! Everyone is home happy and safe!!!
KIconcerts 2015
Custom tours throughout Europe – north, south and central, UK/Ireland, South America, Central America, Australia/New Zealand, Asia, South Africa...

Summer festivals: Ireland – Dilworth, France – Breden, Athens/Greek Islands – Hamre, Austria – Kennedy, Italy – Leck, Gentry and Conlon
KIconcerts 2016
Our range of custom tour destinations continues to grow – tell us where you wish to perform!

Our 2016 festival roster will include: Hella Johnson – Rome, Leck – South of France, Dilworth – Vienna/Salzburg, Wyatt – Budapest, Galvan – Ireland.

Please feel free to talk to us about your 2015 & 2016 touring ideas now.

Wishing you well for the singing year ahead

Oliver Scofield
Executive Chairman

Thursday, August 7, 2014

KIconcerts strives to provide the best in customer service.

Sometimes it goes unnoticed and other times we get wonderful feedback such as this from a parent touring in Australia with her North Harford student singing in the Voices Across the Pacific festival.

We received both my daughter's passport and the e-tickets this afternoon. 
I can't thank you and your fantastic team enough for the support these last few days. Not only has the entire trip been fun, interesting and extremely well organized, the assistance of Marilyn and Larina these last 24 hours in particular have been a Godsend. They have gone above and beyond to help ease our burden during a very stressful time. 
You should be so proud of your team. I believe it was Thoreau who said, "To affect the quality of the day ... that is the highest of the arts". To extend oneself in the service of others is not typically found in the professional world today. Good work for fostering such a culture. 
We greatly appreciate KI an will highly, highly recommend your company in the future. 

Monday, August 4, 2014

KI’s golden summer ends - 2015/16 planning underway

We trust you’ve had a great summer and hope to chat about 2015/16 touring opportunities before you get busier again.

Our summer season took off when we hosted the Texas Children’s Choir for D Day celebrations in Northern France.

After Eric Stark’s Vivaldi Festival in Rome, we hosted 3 festivals simultaneously: Henry Leck in Austria, Joshua Habermann and Elena Sharkova in Italy and Frank Ticheli in England. In between we operated many unique custom tours across Europe, Central America and were delighted to re-introduce Greece to our ensembles.

Our festival year finished with the Sydney Opera House festival conducted by Heather J. Buchanan at the same time as we hosted the Linn-Benton Community College at the World Choir Games in Riga. LBCC won the top gold award in one of their categories. We were so proud to be associated with Linn-Benton’s golden moment which capped off a busy and successful summer for KIconcerts.

Could we borrow a few minutes of your time to discuss your next international tour before you get swept up in the coming musical year? We have great custom tour options and festival destinations still available in 2015 as well unique 2016 festivals to introduce you to including: Dilworth in Austria, Leck in the South of France, Hella Johnson in Italy and Wyatt in Hungary.

Please remember that we’d be happy to fly you to Colorado to meet the KI team if this is your first tour with us. Our testimonials attest to the basis of our success being great relationships with you, the client.

Let’s be in touch soon

Oliver Scofield
KIconcerts - World Choir Games, Riga - Central Hall Westminster, London - St Peter's Basilica, Rome

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Meetings in Australia re forthcoming concert touring plans

After a very busy few weeks for KIconcerts/Present Australia I am heading home for meetings with ensembles in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney planning their future concert tours. Let me know if a meeting mid-August would be timely.

Passion of Italy 2014 photosSouthport High School Tours Italy
The Southport High School Choir has just returned from Italy where they enjoyed an exchange concert in Rome, sang Mass at St. Peter’s, featured in the Passion of Italy Festival Gala concert before performing in Tuscany and Venice.

Voices Across the Pacific photosVoices Across the Pacific – Sydney Opera House & St John's Cathedral Brisbane
Canterbury College, Northern Territory Music School, Home Hill Choral Society, Ipswich Girls’ Grammar School and male singers from NSW and Brisbane (thanks to the choirs who provided these singers) joined singers from California, New Jersey and Maryland performing Sarah Hopkins’ Honour The Earth' and Morten Lauridsen’s Lux Aeterna in Sydney and Brisbane conducted by Dr. Heather J. Buchanan.

SGLC marching in World Choir Games parade - videoWorld Choir Games – Riga
KIconcerts hosted the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir and the Linn-Benton College Choir in Riga for the World Choir Games last week. SGLC won silver and bronze and also connected with local communities through concerts in Helsinki and Tallinn. Linn-Benton won gold and silver topping their Mixed Chamber Choirs category!

Band Workshops with Jason Noble
KIconcerts is staging workshops with an up and coming American band educator and conductor for ensembles in Brisbane, Perth, Sydney and Melbourne this week.

Rollo Dilworth in Brisbane and Melbourne
After his participation in the HICES conference in NSW, KIconcerts is hosting this renowned composer and clinician as he offers workshops in Melbourne and Brisbane in mid-August.

Melbourne Grammar Orchestra in America
KIconcerts is preparing for Melbourne Grammar’s East Coast tour of the U.S. later this year.

I look forward to assisting you with any forthcoming international performance tours you might have in mind and to setting up meetings for mid-August to discuss your plans.

Oliver Scofield

Friday, June 20, 2014

Where in the world are choral greats conducting in June?

What do Leck, Buchanan, Stark, Ticheli, Habermann & Sharkova have in common?

They are all leading festivals with KIconcerts over the next 2 weeks. 

We are so proud to be associated with so many of the greats of the choral world.
2015 and 2016 see also Dilworth, Hamre, Hella Johnson, Breden, Conlon, Gentry leading KI festivals around the world.

Great talent, amazing choirs, engaging repertoire, stunning venues, breathtaking destinations!

In addition to Italy, England, Austria and Australia we also have custom tours in Ireland, Greece, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, New Zealand in the next month. Then there are our ensembles planning for Peru, India, South Africa, China in the near future!

Contact me for further information

Oliver Scofield

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Free tickets to Sydney Opera House concert - Voices Across the Pacific Choral Festival

KIconcerts: Free Tickets, Sydney Opera House Concert
13 July 2014 at 2pm

Lux Aeterna
 – Lauridsen & Honour the Earth – Hopkins
Individual choir performances
Pre-concert talk - Body Mapping
KIconcerts: Free Tickets
for students & teachers

Festival choir conducted by Australia’s own

Dr. Heather J. Buchanan 
Professor of Music & Director of Choral Activities,
Montclair State University, NJ, USA • Licensed Andover Educator

Pre-concert talk by Dr. Buchanan
13 July 2014 at 1.15pm

Body Mapping for conductors, singers, instrumentalists.
An exploration into a vital field of study by one of America’s leading proponents

The singer uses his body both to sustain life and to cultivate his art. He can never escape from himself, for his physical life either furthers or hinders his artistic life.  
-Wilhelm Ehmann

For more info or tickets, call 02 8568 4000 

Friday, June 6, 2014

Texas Children’s Choir at Normandy, France, D-Day 70 years on


Today marks the 70th anniversary of D-Day; the turning of the tide in the 2nd World War in Europe and the triumph of democracy over fascism. A day we mark in solemn remembrance. KIconcerts is proud to be assisting the Texas Children’s Choir as it sings in various official capacities in Northern France this week and attended today’s commemoration at the American Cemetery as guests of Presidents Obama and Hollande. (see invite)

Three days ago the choir arrived from Texas and later that day they were performing for WWII veterans at the Saint Lo Memorial Hospital. This is a glimpse of the remarkable interaction between singers and some of the surviving heroes from 70 years ago.

KIconcerts: Texas Children's Choir, Normandy France
We wish TCC well as they take part in the official activities to honor all of those who fought for the ideals of lasting peace, democracy and freedom from tyranny. They will sing at Omaha Beach before their finale at the Notre Dame in Paris. We salute the efforts and talents of all associated with these great singing ambassadors representing San Antonio, Texas, the USA and all the world’s young people.

Every musician we have ever hosted to perform at the American Cemetery, lay a wreath and honor the fallen has experienced an emotional and life changing experience.

Music touches the depth, animates the soul and honors the sacrifice.


Oliver Scofield
Executive Chairman