Friday, February 5, 2016

Roads less traveled - performance tours beyond Europe

MORE touring options beyond Europe - launching Iceland, Cuba, Vietnam in addition to Australia, NZ, China, Argentina, Peru and India.

Iceland – a touch of Northern Europe 5 hours from the E Coast
Cuba – a land in transition – experience the distinctive culture
Vietnam – with special resonance for US performance tours
Australia – a land Down Under
New Zealand – land of the Long White Cloud
China – past and future – mystique and culture
Argentina – South American/European fusion
Peru – Machu Picchu – seeing is believing

India – passion, color, sounds, movement – serenity in the bustle

These unique destinations are each rich in history, culture, and performance opportunities. They are safe, comfortable and found on roads less traveled!

KI launches a range of affiliated music festival events around the world (competitions and non-competitive options) to complement our brilliant roster of stars including Leck, Dilworth, Stroope, Buchanan, Hella Johnson.

For instance:
  • Golden Voices of Montserrat – Spain, March
  • Padua International Music Meeting – Italy, Summer
  • Harrogate International Festival – England, July
  • Summa Cum Laude International Youth Music Festival – Austria, July
  • International Choral Festival of Preveza – Greece, July
  • Stirling Bridge International Youth Arts Festival – Scotland, July
Full list of over 20 found here

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Why sing in the cold next winter? Join Karen Kennedy at the Athens Winter choral festival, New Year 2016/17

Last week 120 North American singers sang in Greece with Simon Carrington

Next year Dr. Karen Kennedy leads a similar festival there.

In addition to the formal concerts, they performed in Syntagma Square (the very heart of Athens) as well as at the St. Denis Cathedral.

They climbed the Acropolis, saw the ancient sites of Athens, had their welcome dinner overlooking the Parthenon, celebrated New Year’s Eve with Athenians and had a day sailing the Greek Islands.

Athens is truly awe inspiring as is the festival price!

Join us for history, warmth, concerts and New Year’s fun!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Let’s catch up at The Midwest Clinic

Dear Friend

If you are heading to Chicago for the Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic I would enjoy a chance to catch up on either Wednesday 16 or Thursday 17 December.

I’d be keen to chat about your next international tour; safe and amazing destinations, the Frank Ticheli festival in Austria and a wide range of insurance options to fit different destinations and concerns. Most importantly I’d welcome the chance to chat about how to ensure smooth planning for overseas tours in the current world context.

Let me know if you will be there too and we can make a place to meet and have a coffee (or more) if you have time.

Wishing you well for the holiday season

Oliver Scofield

KIconcerts: Frank Ticheli Festival Austria 2017

Our 2017 Austria festival features Frank Ticheli

Our custom tour destinations include:

Europe: ItalyAustriaFranceSpainGreeceCentral Europe, Czech Republic, HungaryFinland/EstoniaCroatia/Slovenia
UK/British Isles: England, Wales, Scotland, Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland
Asia/Oceania: ChinaAustralia, New ZealandIndia
The AmericasCosta RicaArgentinaPeruMexico
Africa: South Africa

KIconcerts – America’s leading international concert tour organizer!

  • We offer a great range of international custom tour destinations to suit all genre, budgets and performance aspirations
  • Our roster of international festivals is second to none led by outstanding educators/conductors and composers
  • Audiences matter to us as much as they do to you - our concerts are well promoted and staged to attract the maximum audience - attentive and warm
  • Safety, comfort and ease are the hallmark of our accommodation, restaurant and coach arrangements
  • Tour Managers and local guides are selected for their empathy for musicians - making history come alive - informative not intrusive
  • You are welcome to contact any of our previous clients to get their views on KI

KI's prices include:

  • Tips
  • 2 good meals a day
  • Core travel insurance
  • All sightseeing and entrances listed
  • Safe, clean and comfortable twin share 3.5 star hotels
  • Private bus and own travel manager for groups of over 40
  • One complimentary package for every 20 full paying travelers
  • 24 hour emergency back up in the US and in the country of travel
  • Fuel surcharges and air travel taxes (up to the current $500 p/p)
  • Access to our tour planning program for directors and travelers
  • Concert arrangements – venues, audience, accompaniment, rehearsals, festival costs
In addition we do not charge extra if a group requires individual billing or the group’s numbers require an additional bus/tour manager.

We will match the pricing of any comparable tour.

We invite new clients to visit our office team in Colorado as our guests – knowing that personal relationships are the cornerstone of every successful tour.

KIconcerts: Custom and Festival band tours

Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanking you for bringing peace to a troubled world

Wishing you and your loved ones
A wonderful holiday season

A season to celebrate
All that is good and for which we are thankful

A season to reflect
On the sadness and absence of peace

Music fashions order from chaos
Uplifts, inspires, unites – understood by all

Music transcends that which separates us
Lighting the darkness – harmonizing discord

May the music you create and stimulate in others
Build the peace that all ultimately crave

Your craft and talents call you to be a peacemaker
For those you love and those you are yet to love.

PS This was written prior to the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood Clinic shootings on Friday that killed three. This clinic shares a street with KIconcerts some 3-4 miles away next to our local supermarket. The sadness referenced above became even more personal as a result. Along with everyone in Colorado Springs we thank all the police and emergency workers and grieve alongside them and the families directly affected.

From all at KIconcerts
Thank you & happy holidays!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

You deserve a TOP NOTCH performance tour company

You’re thinking of an overseas concert tour
You need value for money
You’ll consider safety and comfort first
You’re seeking pleasant passionate folk as your travel partners
… people with experience and offices around the world
You want a festival with an inspired leader or a custom tour
…or the best of both worlds
You demand and deserve great venues, appreciative audiences…and unique immersion/exchange opportunities
Check us out with your peers here.

KIconcerts is a top notch tour company.

Custom Tours

KI stages great custom tours across Europe, in China & India, Central & South America, Australia & New Zealand as well as throughout the UK & Ireland in addition to our exciting festival offerings.

2017 & 2018 Festivals

Kennedy – Greece (New Year 2016/17)
Loeppky – Austria (May)
Peter – Austria (June, young men's/women’s/mixed choirs)
Stroope – Spain (June)
Dickson – Italy (June)
Sailer – Italy (June)
Leck – Ireland (June, Children’s Choirs)
Buchanan – Passion of Italy (July)
Dilworth – UK/France (July, Spirituals/Gospel)
Hella Johnson – Sydney Opera House (July 2018)

Included in our pricing:
Group tips | Travel insurance | Fuel surcharges | Individual billing option | No price increase if numbers require additional bus | Great PR/audiences for concerts | Great head office support before and during tour | Terrific tour managers, bus drivers and in country support | MyKI online planning tool for your tour | 1:20 comp packages.

Contact us

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Perform in Australia - affordable again! Custom & festival choir tours down under

KIconcerts: Australia custom and festival choral toursG'day mate

The Aussies (& Kiwis) at KIconcerts are here to tell you that Australia is competitive with many European destinations again. The Aussie dollar has dropped more than 30% against the US dollar recently.

Let’s show you around our backyard and stage you in this great land – comfortable, cultured, fun, furry and welcoming.

Three movies, a meal and a nap will see you there from the West Coast. Great connections from NYC, DFW etc.

Sydney – the jewel in the crown
Cairns – the Great Barrier Reef and Rainforest
Brisbane/Gold Coast – affordable
Melbourne – Europe down under

Sydney’s Opera House
will be hosting Craig Hella Johnson at our
2018 Festival Down Under. You’re invited!

Oh and New Zealand – is on the way or a great destination in its own right.

World class venues
Appreciative audiences
Enthusiastic exchanges

Down under – the way life is meant to be!

Oliver Scofield

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Staging Faure’s Requiem - Rome choir festival, early June 2017 with John Dickson

Dear Friends,

Perhaps the opportunity of international travel combined with music-making has shaped my life as a professional musician as much as any other experience.

Seeing the world through other cultures and singing in some of the globe’s great venues are life-changing experiences, whatever your career path.

I hope you will consider singing the Fauré Requiem (tbd) with me while we explore the grandeur of Rome and the delights of Tuscany.

Choirs will also combine to sing Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican. Individual touring and concert opportunities after the Rome Festival will be available for those interested.

Download prospectus for Italy 2017 with John Dickson

I welcome your interest

John Dickson 
Artistic Director & Conductor