Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Perform in Austria with Rollo Dilworth - Notes of Joy Choir Festival, June 2016

KIconcerts: Notes of Joy Choir Festival Austria 2016

Dear Director

If you’re thinking of a 2016 concert tour then consider joining me and the KIconcerts team in Austria. Our 2016 Notes of Joy Festival features individual performances, combined gala concerts in Vienna and Salzburg as well as extension touring and further concerts.

Our festivals are a great blend of individual ensemble touring as well as combined rehearsal and performance.

Any ensemble traveling overseas needs time to experience new cultures and the people of the great cities they are visiting as well as to have their own performance spotlight. Many also enjoy joining with other choirs in exceptional venues in front of large audiences under the Artistic Director of their chosen festival.

Nothing matches the spirit of international touring, little replicates a lifetime’s musical memories and the joy evident on singers’ faces when performing in some of Europe’s finest acoustics.

We all know that international touring is a major undertaking, but one that we see communities support as their ensembles are elevated to the world stage. There are few international choral destinations as compelling as Austria.

Let us know if touring overseas in 2016 is achievable for your ensemble
Rollo Dilworth
Rollo Dilworth

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Young people singing internationally - Henry Leck’s 2016 French Riviera Choir Festival

Conducting children and young people is my life’s passion. There is something special about staging children’s and youth choirs overseas. I am confident we have selected an extraordinary destination for our 2016 festival - French Riviera.

We program individual concerts and performances for those that want them. Choirs combine for rehearsals, songfests and gala concerts in commanding settings with great European acoustics and warm overflowing audiences. Our young singers instinctively know the magic and energy of collaboration.

I am often asked why international touring is important, or even relevant, given limited resources. I believe touring young people’s choirs overseas:
  • allows them to reach an elevated level
  • builds longevity through energizing new interest
  • creates camaraderie that comes from traveling together for a week
  • enables young singers to touch the cultures from where so much of our musical tradition flows
  • allows young singers to be musical ambassadors for their community, state and country.
It facilitates life changing experiences!

I consider the safety and comfort of proposed destinations. I reflect on the repertoire to match and challenge the talent of the registering choirs. I think about the appropriateness of venues and what instrumental accompaniment will provide the richest musical experience. I also look to strengthen your work with your singers, honoring your great talent and dedication.

I’m pleased to invite you to our 2016 French Riviera Festival.

Henry Leck
Henry Leck

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Custom tours around the world - Ticheli Festival in Spain

Europe, UK/Ireland, Australia, Asia & the Americas welcome America’s instrumental ensembles

KI tours bands, orchestras and choirs to many fine destinations including:

Europe: Italy, Austria, France, Spain, Greece, Central Europe, Czech Republic, Hungary, Finland/Estonia, Croatia/Slovenia
UK/British Isles: England, Wales, Scotland, Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland
Asia/Oceania: China, Australia, New Zealand, India
The Americas: Costa Rica, Argentina, Peru, Mexico
Africa: South Africa

We are honored to once again be working with Dr. Frank Ticheli who will lead the 2016 Spain Festival in June. Dr. Ticheli anticipates the festival will feature a collaboration with renowned Spanish musicians.

There are also opportunities to perform in many great events around the world such as the Sydney Royal Easter Show, the UK National Band Festival and the Mid Europe Wind Band Festival in Schladming.


  • Audiences matter to us as much as they do to you - our concerts are well promoted and staged to attract the maximum audience - attentive and warm
  • Safety, comfort and ease are the hallmark of our accommodation, restaurant and coach arrangements
  • Tour Managers and local guides are selected for their empathy for musicians - making history come alive - informative not intrusive
  • You are welcome to contact any of our clients to ask their views on KI

Our prices include:

  • Tips
  • 2 good meals a day
  • Core travel insurance
  • All sightseeing and entrances listed
  • Safe, clean and comfortable twin share 3.5 star hotels
  • Private bus and own travel manager for groups of over 40
  • One complimentary package for every 20 full paying travelers
  • 24 hour emergency back up in the US and in the country of travel
  • Fuel surcharges and air travel taxes (up to the current $500 p/p)
  • Access to our MyKIconcerts.com tour planning program for directors and travelers
  • Concert arrangements – venues, audience, accompaniment, rehearsals, festival costs
  • Any additional costs that might be incurred if individual billing is required or group numbers require an additional bus and/or tour manager

We will match the pricing of any comparable tour.

We invite new clients to visit our office team in Colorado as our guests – knowing that personal relationships are the cornerstone of every successful tour.

There are solutions for the unique issues associated with traveling instrumental ensembles. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your next international tour with you at your convenience.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Join Larry Wyatt’s Budapest/Vienna choir festival - May 2016

I am so pleased to have been asked to conduct a festival performance in Budapest, Hungary in late May, 2016.

Budapest is a beautiful city on the Danube with a rich cultural heritage. Since the 1990’s Budapest has made great strides in modernizing while maintaining the charm and somewhat exotic characteristics of its interesting history. Before the Romans the city was a Celtic community – later it was a center of Renaissance culture - eventually the Ottomans ruled the area for 150 years. Each of these civilizations left their stamp on the city.

I am proposing that we perform either Mozart “Sparrow Mass” or Haydn “Lord Nelson Mass” as our combined festival repertoire. I will consult with registering Directors prior to finalizing the repertoire.

I look forward to exploring this unique city and to working with an outstanding festival choir and orchestra.

I hope that you will join me

Dr. Larry Wyatt

Contact KI for tour details | KIchoirs on Facebook

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Keep Calm and Keep Singing - the UK - and Galván & Sharkova Ireland choir festivals in 2016

KIconcerts: UK/Ireland performance tours

By ‘royal decree’ ensembles from around North America are commanded to entertain the citizens of the British Isles.

Concerts in London, exchanges in Wales, performances in Scotland. Festivals and charming good value abound in the Republic of Ireland while Northern Ireland is again open for international performance visitors after decades.

From the place where ‘pomp and circumstance’ were invented come invitations to perform at awe inspiring Cathedrals, to stage exchange concerts, become friends with others that speak (a form of) English, and to participate in two great festivals in Ireland.

June 2016 Rural Ireland & Dublin with Elena Sharkova
  • Children, youth and school choirs
  • Mid June
  • Sing alongside Irish choristers
  • Whimsical rural Ireland and Dublin

July 2016 Belfast & Dublin with Janet Galván
  • Students, youth choirs and community ensembles
  • Early July
  • Warmly welcoming Canadian ensembles too
  • Discover Belfast and explore Dublin

The loyal subjects of the Queen’s realm seek your presence for an audience as do the citizens of the Republic of Ireland!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Sing Italy/St Peter's Basilica - Hella Johnson Festival - under $3000 tours in Dec/Jan

To sing in Italy is to come home to music.

Commanding Rome, the Florence Renaissance, Venetians sailing the world from Venice: Pompeii, Sicily, the Tuscan hills, Cinque Terra, Lake Como and so much more.

Imagine singing Mass at St Peter’s, exchanging with a hilltop community choir in Tuscany, exploring Florence, performing in Venice near St. Mark’s Square. There are countless memorable spaces for concerts in front of warm and engaged audiences.

Tour the Sistine Chapel, marvel at the Coliseum; taste the food - eat pizzas from the place of their origin, sample all the gelato flavors and savor pasta just as it was invented. More than all else hear the sounds of the music, the language and the rich resonant history

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Children's & Youth Choirs - Leck, Dilworth, Sharkova - France, Austria, Ireland in 2016

Henry Leck • South of France

Rollo Dilworth • Vienna & Salzburg

Elena Sharkova • Galway & Dublin

Staging tours for children and young singers requires special pacing, guiding, food, hotel and touring arrangements.

The musical opportunities also need to be top notch delivering memorable singing moments in great venues as individual choirs and under charismatic and talented leadership for the combined elements.

We are honored that 3 truly great figures in this world are joining KIconcerts to present festivals specifically for singers of this age in 2016.