Monday, January 16, 2017

BARCELONA – Sing in the New Year with Simon Carrington – price reductions

I am pleased to be leading the annual KIconcerts winter 2017/2018 choral festival – the core program runs December 26, 2017 to January 2, 2018.

We have chosen temperate, cultured, historical Barcelona not only for its winter warmth but also because of the incredible value that Europe represents right now. KIconcerts has been able to reduce another $100 off the cost given the strength of the US dollar making the tour $2795 per person from NYC. Feel free to talk with them about pricing from other US airports. I can’t recall the last time travel to Europe was this cost effective!

I am creating a combined musical program of 30-40 minutes duration which will be presented after participating choirs have the option to perform individually as well. This will be a great celebration of choral music in the festive season between Christmas and New Year with the opportunity for your singers to ring in the New Year in one of Europe’s great cities.

One of the great things about festivals is the chance for smaller ensembles or groups of singers to have a quality musical experience by joining with others for the optimum 40+ touring price even if they have less than 40 singers (and non singers) joining us.

Please feel free to be in touch with KIconcerts regarding the touring aspects and directly with me in relation to the musical elements.

Have a great 2017 and I hope to see you in Spain next winter

Simon Carrington


Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Happy Holidays and cheers for a great 2017

KIconcerts - Happy Holidays, through the years video

Clients, colleagues, friends

Let’s say goodbye to 2016 confident that together we’ll continue finding ways to share the love, intensity and beauty of music around the world as we have over previous years.

The KI family honors your talent, your dedication and your vision. Good people, resolute in partnership, can achieve anything. We look forward to continuing to serve your community of performers and the good people of our musical world as we stage concerts on 4 continents in the traditional destinations of Europe as well as the newer ones such as Vietnam, Cuba and Iceland.

We are indebted to our Festival Leaders for directing our festivals around the globe – from Rome to Sydney, Dublin to Vienna and many cities in between. They are some of the finest conductors, directors, music educators on the planet and we are thrilled to be able to present them to you in this unique way.

We celebrate your spirit from world premieres in the Sydney Opera House, singing Masses at the Vatican, presenting the Evensong choir at Westminster Abbey through to countless other performances in grand venues with appreciative audiences as well as more intimate exchange concerts in community settings with local ensembles.

May the holiday season shine kindly on you and may we have the continuing privilege of your friendship and collaboration in the years ahead.

The KI team

PS We are open between Christmas and New Year as we know that is a great time for some people to be thinking about their next tour.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

2018 concert touring options

KIconcerts: Custom ToursCUSTOM TOURS
KI stages great custom tours across Europe, in China & India, Central & South America, Australia & New Zealand as well as throughout the UK & Ireland.
KIconcerts: FestivalsWINTER 2018 FESTIVAL
Simon Carrington – Barcelona (Dec 2017)

Henry Leck – Cuba
Larry Wyatt – Spain
Rollo Dilworth – Passion of Italy 
Angela Broeker – Vienna/Salzburg
Z. Randall Stroope – Ireland
Henry Leck – Iceland
Craig Hella Johnson – Australia
Jake Runestad World Premiere

 – The Vatican
Saint Paul, Greece – sing in his footsteps
Cuba celebrates Pope John Paul's 1998 visit

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

US & Australian Wind Band perform ‘The Composers Concert’ - Sydney Town Hall, 22 February – free entry

Wednesday 22 February is a date your musicians will not want to miss. A free concert at the Sydney Town Hall featuring:
  • The renowned Scarsdale High School Wind Ensemble (one of America’s best high school ensembles) with Jason Noble, Conductor, Columbia University Wind Ensemble
  • Fort St High School Wind Ensemble with Matthew Manchester
  • “Wanderlust” by Brandon Scott Rumsey (USA) - a world premiere in Australia
  • John Mackey in attendance, Hultgren, Blackshaw, Hogg also invited to attend
  • Composers Q&A from 6.15pm!!!
If you would like your musicians/students to attend can you reply with an expression of interest and approximate numbers attending as we know you need get this on your calendar for early next year prior to the conclusion of this one.

This great concentration of wind band talent and energy offers a fantastic start to the year and we hope you are able to join us

The Composers Concert
7pm, Wednesday 22 February

Composers Q&A 6.15pm
Centennial Hall
Sydney Town Hall


Contact us for more information

Oliver Scofield

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Roads less travelled - Cuba, the Americas, Asia, Australia, more Europe!

Trail blazing tours have never been easier, safer 
and more stimulating for ensembles. 

Custom Tours
Cuba – a fascinating land in transition – experience its culture and people while still largely untouched
Argentina – a fusion of South American traditions and Spanish grandeur
Peru – connect with an indigenous people and marvel at Machu Picchu
Costa Rica – cost effective, mountainous rain forests, pristine beaches, community exchanges

China – 5000 years of history await you, great concerts, venues, audiences and exchanges
Vietnam – inviting US ensembles, partner concerts, reshaping destinies through music
India – a land like no other we offer – breathtaking, life changing, profound

Australia – 3 movies, 2 meals and a nap away from the West Coast
New Zealand – The untouched backdrop for the Lord of the Rings

Iceland – Straddling two continents – peaceful, safe & close
Portugal – The jewel of Southern Europe
Northern Europe – Finland, Estonia, Sweden and Latvia

The rhythms of a nation beat unceasingly 

Henry Leck – Cuba – June 2018
Craig Hella Johnson – Sydney Opera House – July 2018
Henry Leck – Iceland – Early July 2018
The China Festival – Summer 2018 

The Roads Less Travelled are the ones to travel now. Performance opportunities your performers could not experience without you!

Be in touch for further information

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Sing at St. Peter’s Basilica, celebrate with Cuba or follow the footsteps of Saint Paul

Choirs of faith are uniquely invited to sing in one of three events or indeed any of our custom tour destinations.

A festival led by one of the Vatican’s organists featuring singing of Holy Mass, concerts and workshops.

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Pope John Paul’s historic visit in 1998. A profoundly Catholic country whose faith gives it strength and which honors Pope Francis bringing the USA and Cuba closer together.

Sing in the footsteps of Saint Paul
Travel as did he – Athens, Corinth, Patmos and more. Live the history, sing the passion.

Choirs of faith are especially welcome in Spain, France, Costa Rica, Australia and Ireland and throughout KI’s World of Music.

Be in touch for further information