Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Henry Leck's 20/21 international festivals - Vienna, Toronto, Edinburgh & Vancouver

Dear friends,

I wanted to invite you to participate in the following exciting choir festivals. Nothing excites me more than collaborating with renowned conductors along with your singers! I am so pleased to announce I am joining four incredibly talented colleagues in the following festivals:

Vienna with Elena Sharkova, June 21-27
Toronto with Elise Bradley, July 5-9 

Edinburgh with Pearl Shangkuan, June 24-29
Vancouver with AndrĂ© Thomas, July 3-8

We’ll rehearse the treble and SATB voices separately for their portions of the gala concert and bring all the singers together for the combined finale pieces. The power of many voices joining as one thrills me as much today as it did 50 years ago at the start of my career.

You can also enjoy individual performances in many cases with local ensembles through exchange concerts. This touring experience offers the best of both worlds… a “festival” experience plus an “individual choir tour” experience. Plus you have the added benefit of cultural immersion, informative sightseeing, time to explore and an opportunity to build that esprit de corps we all strive for in our choirs. KIconcerts completes the package by providing great tour managers, accommodation, meals and travel arrangements while always keeping the music front and center. I have worked with them many times, and always appreciate their prioritization of a high musical experience.

Join us for the joy and adventure of making great music in new lands and for the unique comradery that comes from international travel.

Feel free to contact me for more information

Henry Leck
Artistic Director

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