Friday, November 23, 2012

This week at KI - 23 November 2012

This week at KI we are especially grateful for:

  • A great and stable staff team at KI handling flights, traveler registration, touring, music and maintaining client relationships
  • Our returning ensembles – after 8 years of ownership we have increased our return business significantly – the numbers climb steadily year to year
  • Our superb, international partners overseas in Europe, England / Ireland, Australia, China, South Africa, Costa Rica, Mexico and Brazil who care about our musicians as much as we do
  • The slow but steady recovery in the US economy
  • Those who work to keep peace around the world
  • All of those who reached out with concern during the fires here in Colorado Springs as well as for the safety of all of those still rebuilding on the East Coast after the Hurricane.
There is much for us at KIconcerts to be grateful to you for!

Last week was another big week in Colorado 

  • We launched the new Entrée Europe concert tours from $2300 including air fare from NY AND fuel surcharges – 8 X 2 city pairs across Europe for $2300 in winter, $2500 in spring and $2700 in summer including air travel and surcharges!!
  • We hosted a visit by our partner in Puerto Rico to plan out the 2014 concert tour program in Puerto Rico.
  • Confirmed availability of the Sibelius Academy Concert Hall for one of our fine ensembles touring Helsinki in February

Monday, November 19, 2012

Europe! Affordable! Now! - Entrée Europe packages launched

Affordable concert tours to Europe - Entrée Europe

$2300 including airfare and fuel surcharges sees your ensemble performing in Europe. Welcome to a new world of travel to Europe…Entrée Europe!



From $2300 in winter, $2500 in spring & $2700 in summer from New York gateway airports including fuel surcharges and travel taxes as they are today.

The great city pairs 




At $2300 for winter travel (including the fuel surcharges and taxes) performing in Europe can be cheaper than touring domestically and to Hawaii - with far superior service levels and the once in a life time chance to perform in historic Europe!


A full concert in each of two cities with one additional outreach or exchange style performance.


Entrée Europe provides breakfast daily and 4 dinners – the others are for you to plan to have ‘picnics by the river’, dine in small groups or arrange your own group meals

Time to explore

A half day at least in each major city to choose the highlights you want your ensemble to see. Your full time travel manager can assist you to make any bookings you require


We provide the canvass, you paint the picture. Bus transfers daily even on the days when there is free time to explore the city.


3 star + hotels – twin share - safe and comfortable. Usually within 30 minutes of the city center.

Have a look at our budget tips for funding concert tours. Let us know what airport you would like your tour priced from and if there are any features you wish to have added and we will forward you a proposal to distribute to decision makers and potential travelers. Click here to contact us.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Perform with Joshua Habermann - Rome June 2014

PASSION OF ITALY - Tour Italy, Individual performances, Combined Festival concert, Sing Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica, Options to extend to Florence/Venice

Join Joshua Habermann’s 2014 Passion of Italy Festival experiencing the local history and culture while performing individually and combining for a gala concert as well as the singing of Mass by the combined choir at St Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

See Joshua describe the festival in his own words and view moments of the 2012 Passion of Italy festival choir singing Mass at St Peter's Basilica.

Joshua is a natural music educator and a sought after clinician. See his biography for more information. He will ensure lifelong musical memories are created for all participants in the 2014 Passion of Italy. 

Contact us for more information

If 2014 is your touring year, but you are not heading to Italy then tell us your custom tour destination wishes or join us for one of our 2014 festivals:

Craig Hella Johnson - SPAIN (New Year 2013)
Henry Leck - AUSTRIA
Heather J. Buchanan - AUSTRALIA
Hilary Apfelstadt - IRELAND
Frank Ticheli - UK (choir & band)
Alicia W. Walker - SOUTH AFRICA
John Dickson - GERMANY
Kevin Meidl - BAVARIA


Monday, November 5, 2012

Paris 2014 – join Dr. Glenn D. Price!

INTERNATIONAL BAND FESTIVAL - led by Dr. Glenn D. Price - Tour France, Individual performances, Combined Gala concert


Dear Friends,

I am writing to invite you and your ensemble to join us for a one-of-a-kind spring tour experience to Paris in 2014. Following the success of our musical tours to China in 2008 and London in 2012, I am delighted to have been invited to lead this special musical and educational project to France.

Our most recent project to London last spring proceeded fantastically well. All the arrangements were terrific and the students had a very rich range of activities, from concerts with their own school groups, tons of sight-seeing, lots of fun in general and of course, our combined “Festival Wind Orchestra” experience.

To the left is a picture from our final concert, so you can see the truly grand nature of the occasion. It was personally very moving and a great honour for me to be part of such a meaningful life experience for all of the students.

The core tour involves an independent itinerary for you and your group, usually of about a week, with the balance of performance, cultural and recreational events that you prefer. All the touring groups then combine forces for two major shared concerts in a world-class venue and also are combined to form the “Festival Wind Orchestra”, that I have the pleasure to rehearse on site and conduct for the conclusion of the two Gala concerts.

More detailed information about costs, itineraries etc. is immediately available, so please let me know if you would like to have a brochure forwarded to you, so that you can have a better idea of the rich range of experiences included in this package event.

I will also mention two further aspects that may make participating easier for you. Some school programs have been very successful in applying for external funding. With the French component it may “tick more boxes”, for both government and corporate support.

Also, you may wish to team up with your French or History departments, and have other students come along, who would not be part of your performing ensemble, but would share the rest of the experience and enjoy additional activities during rehearsal times etc. It might give a school administration more reason to get behind a large project like this.

I hope that you have had a great year and I invite you to be in touch with me if you have interest in joining us in for Paris 2014!

Warm Regards,


Dr. Glenn D. Price
Director of Wind Studies
College-Conservatory of Music
University of Cincinnati