Thursday, October 20, 2016

Roads less travelled - Cuba, the Americas, Asia, Australia, more Europe!

Trail blazing tours have never been easier, safer 
and more stimulating for ensembles. 

Custom Tours
Cuba – a fascinating land in transition – experience its culture and people while still largely untouched
Argentina – a fusion of South American traditions and Spanish grandeur
Peru – connect with an indigenous people and marvel at Machu Picchu
Costa Rica – cost effective, mountainous rain forests, pristine beaches, community exchanges

China – 5000 years of history await you, great concerts, venues, audiences and exchanges
Vietnam – inviting US ensembles, partner concerts, reshaping destinies through music
India – a land like no other we offer – breathtaking, life changing, profound

Australia – 3 movies, 2 meals and a nap away from the West Coast
New Zealand – The untouched backdrop for the Lord of the Rings

Iceland – Straddling two continents – peaceful, safe & close
Portugal – The jewel of Southern Europe
Northern Europe – Finland, Estonia, Sweden and Latvia

The rhythms of a nation beat unceasingly 

Craig Hella Johnson – Sydney Opera House – July 2018
Henry Leck – Iceland – Early July 2018
The China Festival – Summer 2018 

The Roads Less Travelled are the ones to travel now. Performance opportunities your performers could not experience without you!

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Sing at St. Peter’s Basilica, celebrate with Cuba or follow the footsteps of Saint Paul

Choirs of faith are uniquely invited to sing in one of three events or indeed any of our custom tour destinations.

A festival led by one of the Vatican’s organists featuring singing of Holy Mass, concerts and workshops.

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Pope John Paul’s historic visit in 1998. A profoundly Catholic country whose faith gives it strength and which honors Pope Francis bringing the USA and Cuba closer together.

Sing in the footsteps of Saint Paul
Travel as did he – Athens, Corinth, Patmos and more. Live the history, sing the passion.

Choirs of faith are especially welcome in Spain, France, Costa Rica, Australia and Ireland and throughout KI’s World of Music.

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Friday, October 14, 2016

Cuba-USA…Voces Unidas–Voices United choir festival with Henry Leck & Alina Orraca, June 2018

Dear Friends

Alina Orraca and I are delighted to join in inviting you to Cuba to sing in Voces Unidas/Voices United - a festival of great choral music for mixed choirs.

School, youth and college choirs will especially enjoy workshops, exchanges, rehearsals and two significant combined concerts with Cuban choristers… the people of two lands singing Voces Unidas! This will be a unique coming together of Cuban and U.S. musical talent.

Cuba abounds with culture and the Cuban spirit is imbued with rhythm and song. There has never been a more dynamic time to get to know Cuba; to hear its sounds and to see the friendship grow between the people of both countries.

We welcome you to Unite in Voice in this festival of spirit and goodwill!

Henry Leck
Voces Unidas Festival Co-Conductor
KIconcerts Distinguished Music Advisor

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

European tours cheaper as the US Dollar strengthens against the Pound/Euro

A place of timeless musical offerings

Europe and the UK haven’t been cheaper in years. We continue to be able to cut the price of European concert tours as the dollar strengthens against a declining Pound and Euro.

We welcome the chance to prepare quotes for you based on the changing exchange rates - packaging the European concert tours of your dreams – safely, interactively, culturally and more cheaply!.

Central Europe
A land of riches in its own right including Vienna, Salzburg, Prague, Budapest, the diversity of Germany and countless welcoming towns in between.

Southern Europe
Italy, Spain, Greece and much more. Sing at St. Peter’s in the Vatican, cruise the canals of Venice, admire Florence and perform alongside Italian choirs in the rolling hills of Tuscany. Spain tantalizes for instance with Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia while Greece still feels as though it cradles civilization itself.

Northern Europe
Another world of long summer days, distinct cultures and unique singing traditions. Estonia/Latvia & Lithuania make up the Baltics, Finland and Sweden just a ferry away while Poland and Scandinavia have their own unique appeals.

UK/Republic of Ireland
The British Isles offers choirs so much:
Ireland’s lyrical beauty,
the distinct culture of Wales,
Scotland’s Highlands and
Britain’s jewel in the crown…London.

Simon Carrington – Barcelona – December 26 2017
Angela Broeker – Vienna/Salzburg – June 2018
ROMAinCANTO – The Vatican – June 2018
Larry Wyatt – Spain – June 2018
Rollo Dilworth – Passion of Italy – Early July 2018
Z. Randall Stroope – Ireland – Early July 2018

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Friday, October 7, 2016

Jake Runestad’s world premiere piece for the 2018 Sydney Opera House Choir Festival led by Craig Hella Johnson

Greetings Friends

As you probably know, I am very enthusiastic about conducting my first festival down under in the Sydney Opera House in July 2018. Having Jake Runestad agree to write a world premiere piece for us for this breathtaking venue adds to the excitement.

This is my invitation to you and your singers to join us in Australia. Full choirs are very welcome and have options for individual concerts in addition to the opportunity for their own cameo performance on the stage of the magnificent Sydney Opera House Concert Hall Stage. Smaller groups of singers will equally love the combined elements of this festival over the four festival days in Sydney. Rehearsals, sectionals, sightseeing (sailing the Harbor and seeing the kangaroos/koalas), meeting locals, optional individual concerts, the Dress Rehearsal (as we take over the venue for the day) and finally the gala concert in the hallowed halls of one of the world’s iconic halls are some of what we will be doing.

Please feel free to be back in touch with me via this email address or directly with for further details.

We have had so much fun at the previous KI festivals that we know this will be another exceptional opportunity for you and your singing community.
See you ‘down under’

Craig Hella Johnson
Artistic Director & Conductor


Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Dear friends

Iceland is all that children’s choirs crave. You couldn’t create a destination more suited to children’s and treble choirs!
  • A small population of gentle, friendly and welcoming Europeans
  • Only 5 hours easy flying from North America
  • The world’s most magnificent waterfalls, shooting geysers and unique geo thermal activity
  • Unique and breathtaking postcard vistas
  • Distinctive culture, great musical venues
We will make great music together bringing a style of performance and repertoire to this island country that will be celebrated for its freshness, vitality and quality. Also, I would love to create an opportunity for any interested choirs to perform separate concerts prior to the gala combined performance.

Some participating choirs will wish to view this strictly as a festival tour experience returning home in just less than a week. Others will wish to continue touring Iceland on custom tour extensions. For those choirs wanting an extended tour into Europe, it is only 3-5 hours of flying from Reykjavik. Truly, this festival can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Your singers and families may not know much about Iceland, (as I had not) but I guarantee that with a little investigation they will be as excited as I am to explore this beautiful country and share this wonderful musical experience.

I am thrilled to present this very special destination, custom made for the touring needs of treble youth choirs.


Henry Leck
Artistic Director & Conductor
KIconcerts Distinguished Music Advisor

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