Friday, September 28, 2012

Exploring Your World of Music - destinations of your choice!

Every director and every ensemble has different destination choices. KIconcerts knows this and caters for all wishes and opportunities.

Classic destinations are perennial favorites such as England, Italy or Austria. Some prefer closer to home (and more cost effective) locations such as Costa Rica, Mexico or even Puerto Rico. Others are seeking pioneering destinations such as China, South Africa, Australia or even India – countries you know your musicians are less likely to travel on their own. Each offers its own amazing riches, culture and of course venues.

Share your dreams and let us prepare proposals for you to consider. We can fly you to our Colorado office to plan the tour together. We can arrange conference calls with you, us and our partners in each of our destinations. Indeed our partners from overseas are often visiting us for meetings with directors (our partner in India will be in the office in mid November if you wish to explore this magnificent destination with us at that time).

Yours sincerely
Oliver Scofield signature 
Oliver Scofield,

Friday, September 7, 2012

Craig Hella Johnson invites you to join the Ano Nuevo Festival in Spain - New Year 2013

I want to invite you to consider joining the Ano Nuevo Festival I am leading over New Year 2013.

The festival will bring fine singers together from around the U.S. to sing in the beautiful city of Barcelona – festival details. We invite full ensembles or groups of singers (and their friends) to join us for the combined gala concert and for individual concerts as you wish.

December 28, 2013 will be a great time of year to travel, airfares are at their cheapest, the Mediterranean is temperate and we get to celebrate New Year's Eve in an extraordinary world city that is vibrant and colorful at any time of year! Indeed, I know people who love the city so much they use the name as an adjective to express the indescribable..."Barcelona."

I will be shaping a program structure that will illuminate the gifts of each individual choir while crafting a gala concert which will be a joyous celebration of the power of singing together. It will be so exciting to have this opportunity to gather with friends, old and new, who love choral singing for this feast of music making.

Be in contact with me regarding the music and with KIconcerts for touring information.

I look forward to exploring magnificent Barcelona with you.

– Craig Hella Johnson

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

An invitation from Frank Ticheli to perform with him in England - summer 2014

I would be pleased if you would consider performing with me in gala concerts and staging your own individual performances in England in 2014.

I am honored to have been invited to present our finest musicians at the prestigious Harrogate International Festivals in early July 2014. In addition to the combined literature, there will be great opportunities for exchanges and local cultural immersion in Harrogate for your ensemble.

The Festival starts in London with our rehearsals, sightseeing and individual concerts, in addition to the gala concert which we hope to stage at the magnificent Central Westminster Hall. We will explore this great city together as we make music on a scale seldom heard over there.

This is my 3rd festival with KI. In 2008 I was commissioned by KI to write Angels in the Architecture in celebration of the festival being staged at the Sydney Opera house and in 2011 I was equally honored to lead 220 musicians in Rome to a stunning finale rendition of Vesuvius.

Festivals such as this are extraordinary opportunities to

  • perform individually in stunning venues
  • or bring a smaller number of performers and just enjoy all of the combined performance activities
  • feel the intensity and camaraderie of joining with other musicians in a bigger setting
  • give me a unique chance to share my music more intimately with your players.

I know that international touring provides a huge boost to any program while being a considerable amount of work. Festivals offer a level of accessibility to smooth the way and KIconcerts is able to support you throughout the planning process.

Please be in touch with me if you would like to cover any of the musical issues and with KIconcerts for any information on the practical arrangements.


Frank Ticheli

Saturday, September 1, 2012

An invitation to Austria from Z. Randall Stroope

Come to Austria to perform in a program that I have selected for our gala concert in Salzburg.

Is there a greater place on earth for fine choral music than Vienna or Salzburg?
  • Sing in the combined choir – full choirs and parts of choirs most welcome
  • Sing individually if you wish
  • Enjoy the 'behind the scenes touring' experience that KIconcerts will create
These are my favorite cities in the world!

I hope there may be a chance for me to share them with you as we share our music with Austria.

Z. Randall Stroope