Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Elise Bradley and Henry Leck co-conducting the Toronto 2020 choir festival - talk to us at ACDA

KIconcerts 2020 Notes of Joy Toronto Choir festival with Elise Bradley and Henry Leck
It is our pleasure to invite you and your choristers to join us in 2020 – in the beautiful and exciting city of Toronto, Canada – for our Notes of Joy Choir Festival!

If you are coming to Kansas City for ACDA’s national conference then we can discuss this further with you at KI’s booth – 500.

We invite your singers to enjoy a welcome dinner, rehearse with other talented treble and mixed-voice choirs, present stand-alone concerts, and perform together in a grand Gala Concert to close the Festival.

We look forward to sharing great singing with a common purpose and passion on this international stage in front of enthusiastic audiences in some wonderful venues.

If you are not attending ACDA this year then please just be in touch to make a time to talk in advance of the conference.

Henry Leck
Founder/Conductor Laureate, Indianapolis Children’s Choir

Elise Bradley
Artistic Director, Toronto Children’s Chorus 

Co-conductors – Notes of Joy

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

London’s 2020 Chichester Psalms Choir Festival with Thomas Lloyd – can we talk at ACDA or before?

KIconcerts 2020 London Choir Festival with Thomas Lloyd
I am looking forward to leading the June 2020 Chichester Psalms Choir Festival in London and Edinburgh and invite you and your singers to join me.

In my experience conducting tours of fine high school, community, collegiate and choirs of faith there is nothing quite like performing repertoire in the country it was first performed, and in the kind of grand spaces it was first heard. This is that opportunity!

I will be in Kansas City next month for any who wish to talk about this with me and the fine folk from KIconcerts. I am also available to chat in advance of that for those not attending the ACDA conference or those wanting to advance their 2020 concert tour planning now.

The repertoire for our combined festival choir is Leonard Bernstein’s iconic Chichester Psalms, commissioned for a large festival choir like ours in England, and simultaneously premiered in New York, and thus the perfect music for a cross-Atlantic connection. It also comes at a time when many feel the need more than ever to sing Bernstein’s closing prayer taken from Psalm 133 (Hineh mah tov...): “How good it is for brothers and sisters to dwell together in unity.”

I welcome you to join this journey with your choir performing both individually and as part of the combined festival choir in London, with an option for those who wish to join us for a 2nd festival gala performance in Edinburgh. Smaller groupings of singers not planning a concert on their own are invited to join the Bucks County Choral Society in their individual concerts with conducting opportunities shared.

I am thrilled that this will be my first festival with KIconcerts – I toured with my own choir with them to Cuba in 2018 and their reputation for organizing seamless concert tours including both independent and collaborative concerts, is well deserved.

Looking forward to talking with you about how this might work for you and your singing community

Thomas Lloyd
Artistic Director & Conductor

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Ireland 2020 choir festival with Rollo Dilworth - can we talk at ACDA or before?

KIconcerts - 2020 Ireland Choir Festival with Rollo Dilworth
I am excited to be leading the KIconcerts festival in Ireland in 2020.

Ireland’s a very hospitable, safe and historic destination where the touring is fun and informative.

We travel to make great music and Ireland is the perfect place for this – their choral tradition dates back eons and the venues there offer astounding acoustics and presence - a truly inspiring setting for your choristers.

The core festival program consists of individual concerts, combined rehearsals (likely with local singers) and the gala concert featuring each choir and the combined festival choir. Exchanges, workshops with Michael McGlynn’s AnĂșna or a class with Riverdance dancers along with live Irish music over dinner immerse your ensemble in the unique character of this great land.

To further customize your program there are opportunities to visit Ireland’s charming Southwest – for instance Galway or Cork – alternatively to heading North into Belfast in Northern Ireland. This is a place of amazing recent history and an extraordinarily rich and beautiful past.

I will be at ACDA and can make time to meet at KI’s Booth #500 with you and the KIconcerts team. If you are not heading to ACDA then perhaps we make contact this month instead.

I look forward to hosting you in Dublin

Rollo Dilworth
Artistic Director & Conductor 

Monday, January 14, 2019

Austria 2020 festival with Elena Sharkova & Henry Leck - can we talk at ACDA or before?

KIconcerts - 2020 Austria Choir Festival with Elena Sharkova and Henry Leck
Elena Sharkova and I are co-conducting the 2020 Austria choral festival.

When asked where we both wanted to take singers next we immediately said Austria. The Central European region is the birthplace of so much of the music we love to share with your singers.

You start in Salzburg and hear the echoes of young Mozart, ‘dance’ in the Mirabel Gardens as did the Von Trapp children and sample a sachertorte good enough to change lives. Individual concerts are offered at many of Salzburg’s charming venues for those that want them.

Traveling to Vienna (with the option to visit Melk Abbey and sail a portion of the way on the Danube) we gather as a combined choir to rehearse, celebrate each other at a welcome dinner and present our festival gala concert in one of Vienna’s many commanding venues. Individual concerts, touring and exploring are the order of the day in this grand imperial city.

You then have options to continue onto fairytale Prague or magnificent Budapest as you tailor the tour to your choir’s needs and wishes.

We will be at ACDA and can make time to meet at KI’s Booth #500 with you and the KIconcerts team. If you are not heading to ACDA then perhaps we make contact this month instead.

Join us in Austria for the festival of a lifetime

Henry Leck

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Italy 2020 choir festival with John Dickson now featuring Rome and the Vatican City

KIconcerts - Passion of Italy Choir Festival 2020 with John Dickson prospectus
In response to requests from colleagues I have asked KIconcerts to locate our Passion of Italy festival in Rome. This will enable both the gala concert as well as an additional opportunity for Mass at St Peter's Basilica to be sung in the Eternal City.

If all roads lead to Rome, then departure for extension travel offers an array of exciting choices. Experience the birth of the Renaissance in Florence, the uniquely exotic island of Venice, a taste of the North in Milan, or the stunningly beautiful terrain of the Amalfi Coast.

International travel combined with great music making has profoundly shaped my life as a professional musician and as a person. I am grateful for the opportunity to offer you and your community of singers the possibilities of such life-enriching experiences.

This will be the third festival I am leading for KIconcerts and I like the way they build an event like this, never losing sight of the individual choirs and choristers while still producing a well-attended gala concert on a significant scale at a fine venue in a great destination.

KIconcerts and I would welcome an opportunity to speak with you more about the music, the touring and the unforgettable experience of Italy. Contact us about touring and pricing options.


John Dickson
Artistic Director & Conductor