Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Italy 2020 choir festival with John Dickson now featuring Rome and the Vatican City

KIconcerts - Passion of Italy Choir Festival 2020 with John Dickson prospectus
In response to requests from colleagues I have asked KIconcerts to locate our Passion of Italy festival in Rome. This will enable both the gala concert as well as an additional opportunity for Mass at St Peter's Basilica to be sung in the Eternal City.

If all roads lead to Rome, then departure for extension travel offers an array of exciting choices. Experience the birth of the Renaissance in Florence, the uniquely exotic island of Venice, a taste of the North in Milan, or the stunningly beautiful terrain of the Amalfi Coast.

International travel combined with great music making has profoundly shaped my life as a professional musician and as a person. I am grateful for the opportunity to offer you and your community of singers the possibilities of such life-enriching experiences.

This will be the third festival I am leading for KIconcerts and I like the way they build an event like this, never losing sight of the individual choirs and choristers while still producing a well-attended gala concert on a significant scale at a fine venue in a great destination.

KIconcerts and I would welcome an opportunity to speak with you more about the music, the touring and the unforgettable experience of Italy. Contact us about touring and pricing options.


John Dickson
Artistic Director & Conductor

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