Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year from KIconcerts

Happy Holidays from KIconcerts

A new year beckons, we’re passing time
Friends hand on batons new stars are born
Holiday cheer keeps us in our prime
And sunset’s glory prepares new dawn

Your world of music’s an awesome realm
Crossing five oceans the globe’s a stage
Michael and Oliver at the helm
Your stories written on every page

Chapters start and audiences wait
In London, Dublin and Vienna too
Sydney’s harbor, Rome’s pearly gate
With ‘roads less traveled’ a different hue

KI’s thanks really knows no bounds
Far from perfect but we try hard
Loving the movement of your sounds
On concert tours we hope unmarred

Memories of 18 being filed away
With next year’s news still to unfold
There’s only one thing left for us to say
We toast your stories still being told!

Happy New Year from KIconcerts
Oliver, Michael and the KI team
here and overseas.

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