Thursday, December 7, 2017

Midwest Clinic – Ticheli’s 2019 Toronto Band Festival & KI’s custom tours worldwide

December is a great time to be thinking about 2019 concert tours.

KIconcerts proudly announces the 2019 Ticheli Festival in Toronto, Canada. This combines individual concerts and the festival massed band conducted by Frank Ticheli in a great and affordable destination.

will be at our Midwest booth 1847 
to talk further about the festival 
Thursday, December 21 • 2:30pm 

We also offer custom tour destinations across your world of music: Europe, UK/Ireland, Asia, Australia/NZ and the Americas.

Come and see us at booth 1847 at the Midwest Clinic. For those of our colleagues not headed to Chicago this year, contact us any time for 2019 concert tour information and proposals.

Oliver Scofield

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

An English Engagement - not Prince Harry's but Simon Carrington's…

Imagine packing your concert attire in about a year's time, to perform in Simon Carrington’s London Coronation Anthems festival singing in the New Year.

What a year 2018 will have been in England with the Royal Wedding and the birth of another in line to the throne proving again that England is truly the land of ‘Pomp and Circumstance’.

Simon Carrington is without peer as you know and Handel’s Coronation Anthems is a fitting work to invite you and your singers to sing with him.

London sparkles year around and the Christmas cheer abounds through the New Year’s week. The affordable pricing at this time of year is likely the best opportunity for your singers to see this jewel in the crown of European cities. The price includes airfares, the festival and all concert costs, hotels, 2 great meals a day, all the sightseeing listed, and transportation/guiding.

The festival dates are December 26, 2018 to January 1, 2019 and extensions are possible. We have more detailed information to provide when you have a moment to consider this unique opportunity.


Oliver Scofield

Thursday, November 9, 2017

10 reasons to consider performing with Simon Carrington next winter (18/19) - London Choir Festival


Here are 10 reasons you might consider joining me from December 26, 2018 to January 1, 2019 in the land of my birth:
  1. Perform the Coronation Anthems in the Festival Choir – a fitting work for the destination, the times and the New Year that we will welcome together
  2. A location that is at once comfortable yet distinctive, historic, regal and cultured
  3. Take the opportunity while England is affordable again - from $2795 out of New York City
  4. Enjoy ease of access with many US cities offering direct flights into London
  5. Perform in England’s great venues in front of sophisticated, appreciative audiences
  6. Walk in the footsteps of so many of the masters
  7. Pass by the mother of all Parliaments, see the Crown Jewels, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Trafalgar Square, Platform 9 ¾, the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace and much much more
  8. Take up an option to attend a West End show
  9. Bring a group of singers or a fully balanced choir – all fine singers are welcome
  10. Perform individual concerts as desired to complement the festival experience
Allow me the opportunity to show you ‘my England’ - the land of ‘pomp and circumstance’ with our friends from KIconcerts.

Simon Carrington
Artistic Director & Conductor

Friday, October 27, 2017

College Concert Tours at NCCO

KI is delighted to be sponsoring the staging of Considering Matthew Shepard at the National Collegiate Choral Organization conference on November 3rd.

We will be in Louisiana 2-4 November and keen to chat with anyone considering 2019/2020 concert touring. Let us know if you have time for a meeting, coffee or another kind of libation. Of course we are also available via phone/email to plan your next tour for any not able to attend NCCO’s conference this year.

Simon Carrington – England – Dec 27, 2018 - Jan 2, 2019
Thomas Lloyd – Wales – June 2019
John Dickson – Austria – June 2019
Eric Stark – Beijing/Hong Kong – May 2019
Ian Loeppky – Costa Rica – May 2019 

EuropeItalyAustriaFranceSpainGreeceCzech Republic • HungaryFinland/EstoniaCroatia
UK/IrelandEngland • ScotlandIreland
Asia/OceaniaChinaAustraliaNew ZealandIndiaVietnam
The AmericaCosta RicaArgentina • PeruMexicoCuba
AfricaSouth Africa

Looking forward to being in contact

Oliver Scofield

Thursday, October 26, 2017

SING AUSTRIA – June 2019 choir festival with John Dickson

Dear Friends,

Perhaps the opportunity of international travel combined with music making has shaped my life as a professional musician as much as any other experience.

Seeing the world through other cultures and singing in some of the globe’s great venues are life-changing experiences, whatever your career path.

I hope you will consider singing with me while we explore the enchanting cities of Vienna and Salzburg.

John Dickson
Artistic Director & Conductor

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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Join Zimfira Poloz & Henry Leck for Toronto’s Children’s Choir Festival 2019

Dear Friends

I wish to welcome you and your treble choir singers to Toronto in early July 2019 – the week in which Canada Day and Independence Day in the US are both celebrated.

I was delighted when Henry Leck approached me to Co-Conduct this children’s choir festival. I value these kinds of collaborations very much between singers, with different directors/conductors and across many cultures. This is one of the reasons I was attracted to jointly lead this festival.

Toronto is my adopted city and, like me, you will enjoy the fine cultural offerings as well as the sightseeing and excellent range of venues when you come to visit. We have selected our preferred festival gala concert venue and we will share that news with you soon as well. Canadian choirs are looking forward to hosting our choral friends from the United States and we anticipate participation from other parts of the world.

We know the safety and comfort of your singers is the highest priority and I can see that the KI team values this in the same way that Henry and I do.

Please join us with your singers and let us combine our voices, our talent and our passion to make this an experience none of us will forget!

Zimfira Poloz

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Cathedral Anthems Festival – Wales – June 2019 with Thomas Lloyd

Dear Colleagues,

One of the great joys of serving as a musician in the Anglican tradition is singing music from the richly inspired repertoire of Cathedral Anthems. To perform these soaring melodies in the very spaces for which they were written should be on the ‘bucket list’ of any avid choral singer. We may have sung Parry’s I was glad or Bainton’s And I saw a new heaven or Howells’ Like as the hart or Vaughan Williams Let all the world in every corner sing in our church or community choirs, or seen them on specially televised royal occasions. But to sing them with a grand organ in one of the Cathedrals in which they were first imagined will be an unforgettable experience to treasure.

This music is at once grand and deeply personal; it gives us a sense that not only are we all part of something much larger than ourselves, but also that we each have a place of purpose and value within that world. We will sing passages of fervent petition, of spiritual reflection, and of transcendent beauty. I look forward to sharing with you a recent composition of my own, an anthem written for the seating of our new bishop in Philadelphia. It is a setting of Psalm 139 (O God, you have searched me out and known me) with the memorable line from the book of the Acts of the Apostles, In you we live, and move, and have our being.

I am thrilled that this will be my first festival with KIconcerts – their reputation for organizing seamless concert tours including both independent and collaborative concerts is without peer. I hope you will join me in allowing this music to enrich our lives in the places it was born and has thrived for generations.

Thomas Lloyd
Artistic Director & Conductor

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Join Henry Leck, Michael McGlynn and Anúna singers – Ireland 2019 choir festival

Ireland calls to us all in many ways…its music, rolling hills, whimsical nature, quaint towns, intense history and some of the most hospitable people you will ever meet.

One of the finest contemporary Irish composers is Michael McGlynn and the finest ‘sound of Ireland’ today is Anúna. Join us as we workshop with Anúna and Michael McGlynn featuring two of his pieces in our combined festival choir repertoire.

I look forward to hosting you in Ireland with KIconcerts. We will stage individual concerts for our participating choirs in addition to rehearsing and staging our combined choir gala concert in a prestigious Dublin venue. We will enjoy Irish traditional music and dance and tour this fascinating country, being immersed in its unique culture.

See you in Dublin!!!

Henry Leck
Artistic Director & Conductor

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Friday, October 6, 2017

Hong Kong & Beijing Choir Festival – Join Eric Stark in May 2019

Dear Friends

Beijing and Hong Kong are cities of great history, culture and future. They boast many fine venues, outstanding ensembles not to mention the food and informative touring opportunities. Following our rehearsal and concert program in Beijing, I am inviting choirs to visit Hong Kong where I teach and conduct regularly. It will be a great joy for me to combine US choristers with my many singing friends in Hong Kong for this festival finale.

I am honored to have the chance to present fine American choirs alongside Chinese friends in a program featuring U.S., classical and Chinese repertoire.

I travel to this region often and can attest to the life changing experiences festival travelers will have.

Both Beijing and Hong Kong represent very different pieces of the Chinese mosaic and, understanding both, helps understand a great deal about the China of tomorrow.

Please consider joining me on a fun, educational, safe and very musical program in two of the great cities of Asia.

Dr. Eric Stark
Artistic Director & Conductor

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Elena Sharkova's 2019 Montreal Festival – France in North America

We all look for festivals that offer safety, value for money, great music and a unique cultural experience our singers couldn’t have if singing at home.

KIconcerts has asked me to lead a festival for youth and community choirs and I couldn’t think of a better destination than Montreal, Canada!

I am proposing we perform the Fauré Requiem (tbd). This will add to the French flavor of the event. In addition to our combined rehearsals we will be inviting choirs to sing in their own right and in their own concerts if they wish it. The touring opportunities will be both educational and fun.

I am looking forward to working with you and your singers.

Be in touch for more information

Elena Sharkova
Artistic Director & Conductor

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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Passion of Italy 2019! - a choral festival led by Janet Galván

Dear Colleagues,

I am thrilled to invite you to participate in the 2019 Passion of Italy festival.

After the amazing success of our Ireland Choir Festival in 2016, I am excited to work with KIconcerts again to provide extraordinary concert and rehearsal experiences that exemplify the power of coming together in song.

I love Italy, and I also love bringing singers together to create what I call “the power of we.” I am passionate about planning beautiful programs that are tailored for the concert location, and the context of the tour. I will create a program that will be diverse but unified and will reflect the unique qualities and interests of the participating ensembles. We will present a program that will communicate and move audiences.

KIconcerts provides venues worthy of your singers’ talent, skill, and commitment. The festival choir will sing Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica (tbd) and will perform our Gala concert the next evening. You will also be invited to sing in concerts with your own choir and to enjoy sightseeing with your singing companions, always a unique and rewarding experience.

From Piazza Navona to the Trevi Fountain, Rome excites all the senses as one walks through a city full of history, art, and the origins of so much of the music that we treasure. Love of music and art is palpable in Rome, and your singers will love performing in this great city.

Optional Italian extensions are available to Florence and Venice with individual concert opportunities in Tuscany and Venice.

I look forward to further communication with you as you consider this invitation for us to embark on this musical adventure together.

A presto! (See you soon)

Dr. Janet Galván
Artistic Director & Conductor

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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Voices United – 2019 Costa Rica choral festival with Ian Loeppky

Costa Rica dazzles the senses with its volcanic rugged landscapes and its lush rain forests home to unique flora and fauna as well as its pristine beaches and effervescent people.

Overlay these natural wonders with an exciting music program for combined choirs, accompanied in rehearsals and concert with a top collegiate string orchestra, and you have an inexpensive opportunity to take your choirs touring overseas, and without jet lag!

I have toured my ensembles on many occasions - including Costa Rica with KIconcerts - and nothing stretches a choir better or creates esprit de corps more than a concert tour. Being on the road together rehearsing and performing intensely can be the perfect culmination of a year’s study and work. I am always looking for cost-effective ways to make this a reality for my singers and this Costa Rica Festival represents the perfect combination of price, quality musical experiences and an educational destination offering many cross-cultural experiences.

I would be honored if you would consider joining me on this great performance adventure!

Ian Loeppky
Artistic Director & Conductor

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Sing with Rollo Dilworth in the UK’s Harrogate Music Festival – summer 2019

England’s esteemed Harrogate Music Festival has invited us to feature in their 2019 program.

I would be honored if you and your singers would consider an invitation to join us for rehearsals and a gala concert there following optional individual concerts in London.

Harrogate is far North from the hustle and bustle of London, a gracious spa town just 30 minutes from York (and the York Minster!). I know you will enjoy the contrast between London and the stately Harrogate.

The Harrogate Music Festival is the jewel in the crown of the Harrogate International Festivals program and we are to be a featured guest event in the 2019 Festival. Previously, the breathtaking Royal Hall in Harrogate has been the venue for KIconcerts gala concerts in the Harrogate Music Festival and it has been proposed again for 2019.

Be in touch with me for further information on the musical elements of this festival and with KIconcerts for touring information.

See you in England

Rollo DilworthArtistic Director & Conductor

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Join Frank Ticheli in Toronto, Canada - summer 2019

Let’s gather in Toronto to rehearse and perform together for a spectacular gala concert on Canada Day, July 1, 2019.

I am very pleased to be leading this festival of fine North American bands. We will rehearse and perform together as a festival ensemble in addition to staging participating bands individually.

I look forward to performing with you and your ensembles – I always enjoy the magic that is unleashed when a composer and performers join together to find new ways to interpret and express music. It can be thrilling.

The combined repertoire will also feature other North American composers as we honor the week in which both Canada and the US celebrate their national days.

There is nothing like touring an ensemble in summer as a culmination of the year’s esprit de corps. Our festival will amplify this further as we create fine music with new friends before appreciative audiences in Canada’s capital city.

I look forward to hearing from you if I can answer any questions as we prepare for this great band event.

Frank Ticheli
Artistic Director

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Friday, September 15, 2017

Your 2019 international choir custom tour & festival guide

Your World of Music on six continents

All the world is KI’s stage
UK/IRELANDEngland • ScotlandIreland
ASIA/OCEANIAChinaAustraliaNew ZealandIndiaVietnam
THE AMERICASCosta RicaArgentina • PeruMexicoCuba
AFRICASouth Africa

Performing with the best across Your World of Music
CARRINGTON – London – Celebrate New Year’s Eve
DILWORTH – UK – By invitation; Harrogate International Festival
POLOZ/LECK – Toronto – Featuring treble choirs
LECK/ANÚNA – Ireland – with Michael McGlynn's Anúna
LLOYD – Wales/England – The Cathedral Anthems
SHARKOVA - Montreal – France in North America
DICKSON – Austria – In the footsteps of the masters
GALVÁN – Italy – Passion of Italy
STARK – Beijing & Hong Kong – music collaborations in Asia
LOEPPKY – Costa Rica – Voices United – orchestral accompaniment

Other festivals offered year-round

Monday, August 21, 2017

Singing The Coronation Anthems in the land of Handel - London 12/27/18-01/01/19 - with Simon Carrington

Dear friends

I am pleased to have the chance to conduct the Handel Coronation Anthems once again in my home city of London.

I would be delighted if you would consider joining me in late December 2018 to ring in the New Year with this timeless piece of music so identified with all things Royal and British. This time of the year is one of the cheapest to travel to Europe making this a very attractive package.

The festival runs over 3 days allowing flexibility for pre/post touring throughout the UK. In this time we will rehearse together, invite you to perform individual concerts and present the Coronation Anthems as a new year gift to the people of London.

There is nothing like bringing disparate and talented voices together with an accompanying orchestra. I welcome your thoughts on whether this might be a good fit for your full choir or indeed a group of singers even if your choir cannot tour in its own right.

I have collaborated with KIconcerts on many festivals in the past and know you will enjoy working with them as much as I do. They can answer any of your questions about the touring aspects while I welcome any questions in relation to the musical elements.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Simon Carrington
Artistic Director & Conductor

Download Prospectus | Contact KI for tour details

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

10 reasons to consider performing with Z. Randall Stroope in Ireland next summer

I have been giving some thought to reasons you might wish to consider joining my 2018 Ireland festival:
  1. Safe, comfortable yet distinct, historic and cultured
  2. Affordable and often a nonstop direct flight
  3. Search for a 4 leaf clover, track down an ancestor, sight a leprechaun
  4. Breathtaking sights: Rock of Cashel, Blarney Stone, Cliffs of Moher, Kylmore Abbey, Belfast, Derry, the Titanic, Christchurch Cathedral, St. Patrick’s Cathedral
  5. Grand venues, intimate performances, appreciative audiences
  6. The festival experience with a pre or post customized tour
  7. Individual concerts as desired
  8. Exchange concert opportunities, learning River Dance moves, pronouncing Gaelic if you dare
  9. Touring with KIconcerts - an easy, happy & efficient experience given my recent festival collaborations with them
  10. Ireland; where the roads…‘rise up to meet you’
In friendship

Z. Randall Stroope
Artistic Director & Conductor

Thursday, June 1, 2017

2018 Montreal Choir Festival with Henry Leck and Joshua Pedde

Dear friends

I am delighted to have been invited to co-conduct the 2018 choral festival in Montreal with Henry Leck.

I know that all choir directors look for touring experiences that are safe, represent great value and which offer wonderful musical opportunities in a cultural context different to their choir’s home environment. While some of my colleagues look for festival settings others prefer custom tours. I believe this festival offers the best of both worlds with 2 three-hour rehearsals, a dress rehearsal and the gala concert. The rest of the touring time is yours to plan with KIconcerts along with additional performances as desired.

I am excited to again share the podium with my friend and colleague, Henry Leck. We look forward to welcoming you in Montreal for a musical experience second to none. We will celebrate the French culture of this great North American city together creating great music that honors every singer and enthralls the audience.

Je vais vous voir à Montréal

Joshua Pedde
Artistic Director & Co-Conductor

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Happy summer – see you on tour or online!

With our summer tours about to fan out across the globe we stop to give thanks for all the happy returns already this year including:

Just this week these ensembles are warming hearts:

In the next 6 weeks we are also staging concerts as far North as Reykjavik and as far South as Sydney and in between: Poland, Spain, France, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, UK etc. There are festivals with Dilworth, Dickson, Buchanan, Stroope, Sailer - we are singing at St. Peter’s at the Vatican, for official US July 4 celebrations in France, in the final concert of Australia’s national annual Choir Fest and in an Aboriginal community.

2018 takes us even further afield including Mexico, Vietnam and Cuba as well as closer to home in Canada and within the USA. Festivals include Craig Hella Johnson in the Sydney Opera House, Dilworth in Italy, Carrington back at home in London, Leck & Pedde in Montreal, Broeker in Austria, Wyatt in Spain, Stroope in Ireland and a Festival at the Vatican.

Be safe, see the world, make great music!

Oliver Scofield

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

London performance of Handel's Coronation Anthems - join Simon Carrington for New Year's Eve 2018

I never tire of performing Handel’s magnificent Coronation Anthems, especially in England. These are marvelous pieces for combined choirs and orchestra and I know we will love presenting them in a land that has enjoyed the long reign of Queen Elizabeth II!

New Year is a perfect time to travel with the cheapest pricing of the year and a chance to see the iconic sights of England without a crush of tourists.

KIconcerts is offering individual concerts and extension tours for those that wish them while I am looking forward to hosting you in my home city of London for the combined festival elements.

Feel free to be in touch with me directly on the musical matters and with KIconcerts about planning the touring and other performance elements.

With warm wishes to all

Simon Carrington
Artistic Director & Conductor

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Sing with Henry Leck in Montreal - a touch of Europe in North America - Canada Choir Festival 2018

I am pleased to be leading a choir festival in Montreal starting June 21, 2018.

This is a festival for mixed voices and I will ensure that all participating choirs have a chance to shine in the gala concert setting and in individual choir performances as requested.

Immersed in the French Canadian culture, Montreal is the second largest French speaking city in the world! It’s a place of incredible tradition and a wonderful location for a festival. It’s amazing to me that you can travel 300+ miles from New York City or Boston and be in a French speaking city in a foreign country.

Choirs are looking for affordability as well as safety in their tour experience. Here you can have that…plus an international tour and a high quality musical experience. In addition, traveling to Montreal is convenient as I believe there are direct flights from most major American cities.

This festival celebrates individual concerts, combined concerts, the comradery of festival rehearsals, a gala concert and the joy of singing for international audiences.

In addition to this festival, I am leading one in Iceland in 2018 for children’s choirs another destination that fits all the criteria choirs are looking for next year. In 2019 I will also be leading festivals in Toronto and Ireland.

It would be a great honor to work with you and your choirs in Montreal June 2018 if that fits your planning for next year.

I hope you can join us for this incredible opportunity to make great music together!

Henry Leck
Artistic Director & Conductor
KIconcerts Distinguished Music Advisor

Friday, April 7, 2017

Sydney Opera House 2018 - date announced for Craig Hella Johnson Choir Festival

KIconcerts: Announcement - Sydney Opera House 2018 with Craig Hella Johnson

The Sydney Opera House has confirmed that the Craig Hella Johnson Festival Gala Concert will be staged on Tuesday 17 July, 2018 in the magnificent Concert Hall.

The Opera House Concert Hall is scheduled to close for major reconstruction and renovation in 2019. Given this, the demand for 2018 dates has been extraordinarily heavy and confirmation slower. We are honored that the Hella Johnson Festival was awarded a date and will be one of the last events of its nature until after the Concert Hall reopens!

This festival of Australian and American singers will be an exceptional display of choral talent conducted by a truly unique force of music; Craig Hella Johnson. The Jake Runestad commission will see its world premiere by this ensemble in this breathtaking venue. In addition, each choir will be invited to sing one piece on the Concert Hall stage prior to the combined choir performing. Choirs will have other individual concerts/exchanges as they wish.

There is plenty of time with Craig for rehearsing and we have rented the Concert Hall for two consecutive nights to enable the dress rehearsal to take place the night before ensuring maximum readiness and ease for our big night.

There are pre or post tour options to New Zealand, Cairns (Great Barrier Reef) and Brisbane/Gold Coast with flights ‘down under’ from the West Coast, Houston, Dallas and NYC… 2 meals, 3 movies and a nap is all it takes!

We know that Australia is a premiere location – for many a once in a lifetime destination – that is safe, comfortable, hospitable and full of some of the world’s most interesting animals.

See you down there mate

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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

2018 & 2019 choir festival and custom tour offerings

KIconcerts: Tour Your Talent

2018 brings new opportunities for custom tours to the KIconcerts World of Music. 

KI is proud to launch performance tours in Iceland, Cuba and Vietnam. Tours to Europe: Italy, Central Europe, Ireland and England (never more affordable than now) remain the most popular with tours to Australia/NZ, Costa Rica, China, Argentina/Peru, India and South Africa featuring in our Roads Less Traveled collection.

2018 also sees KIconcerts increase its range of domestic and Canadian performance tour options.

KI’s festivals feature some truly great choral luminaries and we continue our tradition of commissioning new works - commissioning Jake Runestad for 2018. 

Craig Hella Johnson in Australia | Henry Leck in Iceland & Canada | Larry Wyatt in Spain | Angela Broeker in Austria | Rollo Dilworth in Italy | Z. Randall Stroope in Ireland

Simon Carrington in London

Rollo Dilworth in England | Karen Kennedy & Henry Leck in Ireland | Zimfira Poloz & Henry Leck in Canada | John Dickson in Austria | Janet Galván in Italy | Eric Stark in Hong Kong/China | Henry Leck in Spain | Elena Sharkova in Canada

Contact us for more information

Oliver Scofield
KIconcerts: Your Tour Company

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Our domestic custom and festival performance tours

KIconcerts: Tour USA and Canada
KIconcerts announced at ACDA that it was launching its domestic division with custom tours throughout North America and festivals initially in Montreal in 2018 and Toronto and Montreal in 2019. US festival locations will be offered for 2019.

KI offers the same high quality experience at home that it is known for internationally. Our domestic festivals will take on a different flavor with a variety of models being offered to meet the wishes of our diverse client base.

Our 2018 festival features Henry Leck in Montreal in June.

Please be in touch to discuss your future touring plans be they within the US, Canada or overseas.

KIconcerts: Your Tour

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

See you in Minneapolis at ACDA 2017 - BOOTH 501

Celebrating KI’s custom and festival tours
on 5 continents…now including North America! 

Check in with us at booth 501 to discuss

KIconcerts: Your Tour

KI’s ensembles have been presented in exceptional venues and destinations around the world for 35 years. Our custom tours are staged on 5 continents and our festival tours are led by the world’s finest conductors, educators and musicians. Let KIconcerts customize Your World of Music!

Make a time to see us at booth 501 
or be in touch if you are not heading 
to Minneapolis for ACDA

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Customize YOUR own performance tour experience

KIconcerts: Tour Your Talent Your Tour Company

YOUR destination and dates
YOUR performance and touring balance
YOUR choice: traditional destinations or roads less traveled!

A custom TOUR sets YOUR talent free on 5 continents:

The traditions of Europe – Italy, Austria, Great Britain, Ireland – Northern Europe featuring the Baltics and Finland/Sweden, Southern Europe featuring Spain, Portugal and Greece, Central Europe featuring the Czech Republic and Hungary…Croatia, France, Poland, Germany and more.

Roads less traveled – Iceland (with optional European add ons), Vietnam, Australia/New Zealand, China, India, Cuba and more.

Build a custom tour from a festival – 4 days of festival and solo ensemble concerts then days of custom touring: Stroope/Ireland, Dilworth/Italy, Leck/Iceland, Broeker/Austria, Hella Johnson/Australia, Wyatt/Barcelona.

No-one knows YOUR choir better than you – the price that works, the security sought, the adventures yearned for, the grandeur of never forgotten iconic venues, the embrace of an exchange community in shared local concerts, the amount of independence or organization desired, the perfect pacing.

Be in touch for more information or visit us at booth 501 at ACDA in Minneapolis.
KIconcerts: Your Tour

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Monday, January 30, 2017

US & Australian Wind Bands perform ‘The Composers Concert’ - Federation Square, Melbourne, 19 February – free entry

Sunday 19 February is a date your musicians will not want to miss. A free USA/Melbourne band concert at the Deakin Edge Theatre, Federation Square celebrating great band compositions and featuring:
  • Scarsdale High School Wind Ensemble (one of America's finest) - Jason Noble
  • Australia's own Monash Concert Band – Ingrid Martin
  • A world premiere in Australia "Wanderlust" by Brandon Scott Rumsey (USA)
  • John Mackey in attendance
  • Seats are limited at the Edge so arrive early.
This great concentration of wind band talent and energy offers a fantastic start to the musical year and we hope you are able to join us

The Composers Concert
4pm, Sunday 19 February
Deakin Edge Theatre


Contact us for more information

Monday, January 16, 2017

BARCELONA – Sing in the New Year with Simon Carrington – price reductions

I am pleased to be leading the annual KIconcerts winter 2017/2018 choral festival – the core program runs December 26, 2017 to January 2, 2018.

We have chosen temperate, cultured, historical Barcelona not only for its winter warmth but also because of the incredible value that Europe represents right now. KIconcerts has been able to reduce another $100 off the cost given the strength of the US dollar making the tour $2795 per person from NYC. Feel free to talk with them about pricing from other US airports. I can’t recall the last time travel to Europe was this cost effective!

I am creating a combined musical program of 30-40 minutes duration which will be presented after participating choirs have the option to perform individually as well. This will be a great celebration of choral music in the festive season between Christmas and New Year with the opportunity for your singers to ring in the New Year in one of Europe’s great cities.

One of the great things about festivals is the chance for smaller ensembles or groups of singers to have a quality musical experience by joining with others for the optimum 40+ touring price even if they have less than 40 singers (and non singers) joining us.

Please feel free to be in touch with KIconcerts regarding the touring aspects and directly with me in relation to the musical elements.

Have a great 2017 and I hope to see you in Spain next winter

Simon Carrington