Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Cathedral Anthems Festival – Wales – June 2019 with Thomas Lloyd

Dear Colleagues,

One of the great joys of serving as a musician in the Anglican tradition is singing music from the richly inspired repertoire of Cathedral Anthems. To perform these soaring melodies in the very spaces for which they were written should be on the ‘bucket list’ of any avid choral singer. We may have sung Parry’s I was glad or Bainton’s And I saw a new heaven or Howells’ Like as the hart or Vaughan Williams Let all the world in every corner sing in our church or community choirs, or seen them on specially televised royal occasions. But to sing them with a grand organ in one of the Cathedrals in which they were first imagined will be an unforgettable experience to treasure.

This music is at once grand and deeply personal; it gives us a sense that not only are we all part of something much larger than ourselves, but also that we each have a place of purpose and value within that world. We will sing passages of fervent petition, of spiritual reflection, and of transcendent beauty. I look forward to sharing with you a recent composition of my own, an anthem written for the seating of our new bishop in Philadelphia. It is a setting of Psalm 139 (O God, you have searched me out and known me) with the memorable line from the book of the Acts of the Apostles, In you we live, and move, and have our being.

I am thrilled that this will be my first festival with KIconcerts – their reputation for organizing seamless concert tours including both independent and collaborative concerts is without peer. I hope you will join me in allowing this music to enrich our lives in the places it was born and has thrived for generations.

Thomas Lloyd
Artistic Director & Conductor

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