Friday, December 7, 2018

Custom vs Festival concert tours for your choir

We often get asked what is likely to be better for my ensemble – a fully customized tour vs a festival experience.

Travel dates, destination preferences and nature of the ensemble are guiding factors that might pull the decision toward a custom tour. Alternatively a director might be keen to have their ensemble interact with a specific festival leader, perform at a major festival venue or sing a chosen masterwork.

The term festivals covers a wide spectrum - local festivals we promote, our own festivals featuring KI’s great roster of choral doyens and of course competitions that others stage.

Combining a custom & festival tour is easy. KI’s festival tours are essentially a customized concert tour with: two half days of rehearsals (including an individual concert), a dress rehearsal followed later in the day by the combined concert (which also features our individual choirs staged in their own right). The rest of the each ensemble’s tour is completely customized to individual needs (touring, concerts, exchanges, duration of tour etc.).

In 2020 we have a KI FESTIVAL in each of our key destinations for different styles of ensembles at different times of the early summer:

KI's 2020 Choir Festivals

John DICKSON – Rome along with Florence & Venice options (June 8 departure)
Thomas LLOYD – London & Edinburgh gala concerts (June 20 departure)
Elena SHARKOVA/Henry LECK – Salzburg/Vienna with Budapest & Prague options (June 21 departure)
Rollo DILWORTH – The magic of Ireland & Dilworth entwined (June 30 departure)
Elise BRADLEY/Henry LECK - Toronto – closer to home – treble & mixed choir options (July 5 departure)

Our year-round DESTINATIONS include:

KI custom tour destinations

We would be happy to talk with you about which style of tour (destination and/or festival) suits your ensemble best.

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