Tuesday, October 11, 2016

European tours cheaper as the US Dollar strengthens against the Pound/Euro

A place of timeless musical offerings

Europe and the UK haven’t been cheaper in years. We continue to be able to cut the price of European concert tours as the dollar strengthens against a declining Pound and Euro.

We welcome the chance to prepare quotes for you based on the changing exchange rates - packaging the European concert tours of your dreams – safely, interactively, culturally and more cheaply!.

Central Europe
A land of riches in its own right including Vienna, Salzburg, Prague, Budapest, the diversity of Germany and countless welcoming towns in between.

Southern Europe
Italy, Spain, Greece and much more. Sing at St. Peter’s in the Vatican, cruise the canals of Venice, admire Florence and perform alongside Italian choirs in the rolling hills of Tuscany. Spain tantalizes for instance with Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia while Greece still feels as though it cradles civilization itself.

Northern Europe
Another world of long summer days, distinct cultures and unique singing traditions. Estonia/Latvia & Lithuania make up the Baltics, Finland and Sweden just a ferry away while Poland and Scandinavia have their own unique appeals.

UK/Republic of Ireland
The British Isles offers choirs so much:
Ireland’s lyrical beauty,
the distinct culture of Wales,
Scotland’s Highlands and
Britain’s jewel in the crown…London.

Simon Carrington – Barcelona – December 26 2017
Angela Broeker – Vienna/Salzburg – June 2018
ROMAinCANTO – The Vatican – June 2018
Larry Wyatt – Spain – June 2018
Rollo Dilworth – Passion of Italy – Early July 2018
Z. Randall Stroope – Ireland – Early July 2018

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