Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sing spirituals/gospel music with Rollo Dilworth – London/Paris – July 2017

Both the spiritual and gospel styles are strongly rooted in the American choral tapestry. Let’s take the finest of our gospel music and spirituals to share in London and Paris.

We will offer workshops, individual concert opportunities (for those who wish them), combined rehearsals and a gala concert in both London and Paris. Our gala concert will spotlight the individual participating choirs as well as the combined festival choir.

I believe this festival will appeal uniquely to church, community and fine student choirs. It will be our chance to revel in this music, to learn from each other and to share with new friends from around the world.

This will be a festival of exuberance, passion and fine singing. I am excited to lead it and to build enthusiasm for this music in countries where it is loved but not so well known.

Will you join me on this great adventure?

Rollo Dilworth
Artistic Director & Conductor

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