Thursday, September 10, 2015

Performing in Austria – Prague/Budapest/Germany – custom tours & choir festivals

KIconcerts - Central Europe Custom Tours
KIconcerts - Central Europe Custom Tours

Austria is the ideal gateway to Central Europe.

Immerse yourself in the wonder of Salzburg and the grandeur of Vienna with concerts in both. Consider touring to Prague or Budapest. Visit Munich in Southern Germany or head to Northern Germany visiting Leipzig, Halle, Wittenberg and finishing in Berlin.

Austria is also a favored location for festivals. In 2016 Rollo Dilworth leads a school and children’s choir festival there.

In 2017
Ian Loeppky invites college and community choirs to a unique festival in mid-May welcoming each director to conduct a portion of the massed festival choir
Sandra and Tim Peter feature young women’s, men’s and mixed choirs in a festival that highlights each independently and together.

All our festivals offer many individual choir performances and the touring is all designed solely for your choir.

The ‘sound of music’ is alive and ready for your choir to contribute to the great music and culture of the area.

Oliver Scofield

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