Friday, August 24, 2018

It's not too late - singing with Michael McGlynn in Ireland next summer! 2019 Ireland Choir Festival

Dear friends

I know that many of you are finalizing your concert touring plans for next year and wanted to be sure KIconcerts had forwarded you information on the festival Michael McGlynn and I are leading in Dublin late next June.
I can tell you first hand that this festival will be incredible as it is uniquely geared toward a multi-cultural choir experience. In addition to the rare opportunity to sing with members of the Anúna choir, there are limited spaces available for choirs to have one on one workshops with Anúna singers. I witnessed one last year and can speak to the depth of knowledge shared and the impact on the visiting singers! I know your choristers will have a life changing musical and cultural experience. I recommend checking out these YouTube videos to become even more familiar with Anúna and some of the repertoire we are considering. Please take a listen!

"The Music of Michael McGlynn & ANÚNA" ACDA National Presentation 2015
ANÚNA: "Jerusalem" arr. Michael McGlynn
ANÚNA: Dúlamán written by Michael McGlynn

In addition Michael McGlynn has agreed to write a new piece for this festival, which we will premiere. This is what Michael says about the new piece:

I was considering a title for the commissioned piece. I had a look at something that would yield a simple SATB with no divisi, and the best way forward is a simple text based on the ancient story of the Blackbird representing the voice of the natural world, with a song so pure and simple that it transcends the sound even of the monk's singing at prayer, or the matin bell. So the title is, simply, “The Song of the Blackbird”.

I would love to have you join us for this wonderful choral event, different from any other! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me!! I would love to have you and your choir join us!!

Henry Leck
Artistic Director & Co-conductor

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