Wednesday, April 11, 2018

10 Reasons to choose COSTA RICA as your 2019 & 2020 concert tour destination

Join the performance adventure that 
 awaits you in COSTA RICA

Perform in Costa Rica
  1. Beautiful flora/fauna/vistas!!!
  2. Affordable
  3. Join the choir festival in May 2019 – Dr. Ian Loeppky with orchestral accompaniment and local musicians
  4. No jet lag
  5. Explore famous volcanos, waterfalls, lush rain forests, pristine beaches
  6. Friendly welcoming people
  7. Get adventurous! Options for ziplining, horseback riding or river rafting
  8. Closer to home
  9. Perform with locals in venues grand and intimate with city and rural immersion opportunities
  10. Learn about Costa Rica’s finest exports: coffee & tropical fruits!
Share your ensemble’s musical talent & be adventurous with us in Costa Rica!

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