Thursday, January 4, 2018

So you're thinking to tour your ensemble in 2019…

  • How to get the greatest value for money - complimentary package ratios 
  • Safety/comfort while enjoying cultural distinctiveness and immersion
  • Custom or festival tours – or the best of both worlds 
  • Europe (North, South, East or West – UK or Ireland) 
  • Closer to home (Canada, Costa Rica, Cuba, Iceland, Mexico, USA) 
  • Roads less traveled (Australia/New Zealand, Peru, Argentina, China, India, South Africa) 
  • Grand, iconic and intimate venue options
  • Exchange and individual concert opportunities
  • Repertoire and accompaniment possibilities
  • Number of days on the road, meals, hotels, sightseeing
  • Balancing performing, education, fun, history and free time to explore
  • Flights, transit times, luggage, passports, travel insurance, pay schedules/methods.

I invite you to let the KIconcerts team consider all this for you – this is what we do day in and out. Let us apply our vast combined experience here and overseas to work up proposals for you that cover all of these points based on your preferences.

Wishing you a 2018 full of health, joy, laughter, purpose and reward.


Oliver Scofield

KIconcerts custom choir tours and festivals

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