Thursday, October 20, 2016

Roads less travelled - Cuba, the Americas, Asia, Australia, more Europe!

Trail blazing tours have never been easier, safer 
and more stimulating for ensembles. 

Custom Tours
Cuba – a fascinating land in transition – experience its culture and people while still largely untouched
Argentina – a fusion of South American traditions and Spanish grandeur
Peru – connect with an indigenous people and marvel at Machu Picchu
Costa Rica – cost effective, mountainous rain forests, pristine beaches, community exchanges

China – 5000 years of history await you, great concerts, venues, audiences and exchanges
Vietnam – inviting US ensembles, partner concerts, reshaping destinies through music
India – a land like no other we offer – breathtaking, life changing, profound

Australia – 3 movies, 2 meals and a nap away from the West Coast
New Zealand – The untouched backdrop for the Lord of the Rings

Iceland – Straddling two continents – peaceful, safe & close
Portugal – The jewel of Southern Europe
Northern Europe – Finland, Estonia, Sweden and Latvia

The rhythms of a nation beat unceasingly 

Craig Hella Johnson – Sydney Opera House – July 2018
Henry Leck – Iceland – Early July 2018
The China Festival – Summer 2018 

The Roads Less Travelled are the ones to travel now. Performance opportunities your performers could not experience without you!

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