Friday, May 30, 2014

Perform in the grandeur of Europe

KIconcerts/Present Australia, through its offices in England, Austria and Italy, presents ensembles in England/Ireland, Central/Northern Europe as well as Southern Europe. We stage great custom tours in:
  • England, Wales, Scotland & Ireland (the Republic and Northern Ireland)
  • France, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary and further North
  • Italy, Spain and Greece

We also host exceptional choir and band festivals in Europe such as:

Sing Mass in St Peter’s in Rome, stage your orchestra at London’s iconic Southwark Cathedral, perform with your band in one of the ancient town squares of Germany or Austria. Perform in big cities as well as intimate hospitable town settings.

Concerts, master classes/workshops, exchanges, festivals, cultural immersion, education and informative touring.

Let the KI/PA team turn your touring ideas into proposals to advance your planning.

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