Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Combined choral AND instrumental international tour opportunities

KI celebrates those schools that combine their vocal and instrumental ensembles for touring purposes. Let us propose the ideal tour to meet the needs of choirs or bands or orchestras touring together.

There are many great reasons to combine these tours:

  • Building the right numbers to get the best pricing deals
  • Maximizing the participation of all music students so that all gain an equal opportunity
  • Avoiding discussion within the program as to which ensemble should tour next
  • Taking the full talent range of the music program on tour.

Traveling with more than one genre does not mean that any compromises have to be made:

  • Audiences will be invited that welcome a rounded program
  • Venues will be selected that allow all ensembles to shine
  • Exchanges will be secured that involve similar genre to that which you are taking.

Contact us to show you how easy this is to arrange

Oliver Scofield 

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