Thursday, October 24, 2013

Passion of Italy - Henry Leck Choral Festival - summer 2015

KIconcerts: Passion of Italy, Henry Leck Choral Festival - summer 2015

Your invitation to perform in Italy!

I hope you might be in a position to consider this invitation to perform with me in Rome in late June/early July 2015.

Join with other fine young choirs as we meet in Rome to rehearse and then perform both individually and as a festival choir singing Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica and in the festival gala concert. For those that wish it, travel with me to Tuscany for a further gala concert in Florence.

I am drawn once again to Italy, the land of the renaissance, of awe inspiring venues and the origin of so much of our music. The food, the extraordinary power of Rome, the endless Tuscan vistas, the thrill of Florence, …this is the tapestry upon which we weave our performances

Henry Leck

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