Friday, September 28, 2012

Exploring Your World of Music - destinations of your choice!

Every director and every ensemble has different destination choices. KIconcerts knows this and caters for all wishes and opportunities.

Classic destinations are perennial favorites such as England, Italy or Austria. Some prefer closer to home (and more cost effective) locations such as Costa Rica, Mexico or even Puerto Rico. Others are seeking pioneering destinations such as China, South Africa, Australia or even India – countries you know your musicians are less likely to travel on their own. Each offers its own amazing riches, culture and of course venues.

Share your dreams and let us prepare proposals for you to consider. We can fly you to our Colorado office to plan the tour together. We can arrange conference calls with you, us and our partners in each of our destinations. Indeed our partners from overseas are often visiting us for meetings with directors (our partner in India will be in the office in mid November if you wish to explore this magnificent destination with us at that time).

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