Monday, May 14, 2012

Costa Rica - Spring - 2013 Choral Festival with Joshua Habermann from $2095*

KIconcerts is proud to announce that Joshua Habermann will be leading the 2013 festival in Costa Rica which will be held from April 1, 2013.

A renowned clinician, festival leader and music educator, Joshua Habermann conducts the Dallas Symphony Chorus and is passionate about the music and culture of Latin America. In his words: 

I am excited to be leading the Spring into Costa Rica Festival. Costa Rica is truly a land of beauty and warmth, a culture rich in music and history, a people hospitable and welcoming. 

In addition to the option of performing individually and having exchange concerts; ensembles will have the opportunity to come together to sing in the festival choir. The slated repertoire for the festival choir is eclectic, and will include both American and Costa Rican pieces that have been specifically chosen to reflect the heritage of the singers, and the beauty of the Latin American culture we will experience. I hope you will join us in Costa Rica! 
Kind regards,

Joshua Habermann

Costa Rica is one of the most affordable 'closer to home' international destinations - with natural wonders, unique flora and fauna as well pristine beaches, stunning volcanic formations and commanding rain forests. There are numerous gateway cities from the US enabling the $2095 price to be offered to many - fuel surcharges and air travel related taxes are around $300 per person in addition.
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