Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A World of Custom Tours

KIconcerts globe by KIconcerts
KIconcerts is proud of its custom tour offerings. Custom tours allow for travel to so many of the great destinations around the world and can be tailored precisely to the needs of every individual ensemble.

Europe – North, South, Central
Culture, tradition, the cradle of western music, the birth of the renaissance, contemporary history
Berlin, Rome/Florence/Venice, Paris, Barcelona, Vienna/Salzburg, Prague, St Petersburg, Tallinn and so many extraordinary towns, villages and communities in between.

The British Isles
England – London – the jewels in the crown, Stonehenge, Oxford/Cambridge, Windsor, Canterbury, York – Cathedrals, the underground, the Royal pageantry, Westminster/ Big Ben - pomp and circumstance.
Wales, Scotland – dialects, traditions, communities that beckon.
Ireland – Dublin, Killarney, Cork, Limerick, Belfast

South Africa
Rhythms and movement innate.
Johannesburg, extra-ordinary SOWETO, Pretoria, GAME PARKS!!!
A Rainbow Nation finding its way…pioneering exchanges, common ground through music, shared futures.

5000 years, mysterious, opaque yet welcoming and important. Music recognizable - music unique. Forbidden City, Forbidden City Concert Hall, perform on the Great Wall, Shanghai – Asia’s New York, Xi’an Warriors, Hong Kong.

Australia/New Zealand
New Worlds, new people, 50,000 years of indigenous existence in Australia; the Sydney Opera House, The Great Barrier Reef – visible from space, the Rain Forrest tiny organisms over millions of years, sky rail swooping over the canopy, Tjapukai Aboriginal welcome.
New Zealand; Land of the Long White Cloud , 2 amazing islands. Shooting geysers, bubbling mud, glaciers, snow and a South Pacific population proud and resilient.

Costa Rica
A central American paradise. Welcoming, national concert hall, cathedrals, natural wonders – volcanos, rain forests, pristine beaches. Perform, exchange and share.

A pioneering destination. A land of sensory excitement, fine venues, great audiences and a desire to connect to other styles of music. Dynamic, young, cultures, contradictions – a tremendous past and future worthy of your attention and beckoning your performance.

Choose when to travel; cheapest into Europe over winter, explore the Southern or Northern Hemispheres in Spring before the peak season, travel in summer when the days are long and everyone has holidays. Or just pick a holiday week, Thanksgiving, Easter, President’s or Martin Luther King Day or a week with two weekends when no-one else is travelling.

Perform as much as you choose. Tour as much as you please. Leave as much time as you wish for your people to explore these new lands, sounds and tastes.

Go big – the premium city halls, go intimate and perform to full houses in smaller towns, make your mark and perform at St Peter’s Basilica or bring an audience of 2000 to their feet at the Sydney Opera House. It’s your tour…its your choice.

Talk to us about your touring aspirations. Let us prepare proposals and tailor the tour to your specific needs. Custom tours – customer’s tours!

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  1. This has got to be a convenience for most travelers. I, for one, like the idea of mixing and matching what's to offer to come up with a vacation that's perfect for me.