Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Europe - a fresh look at Southern & Northern Europe concert tours!

With 40 years’ experience staging fine concert tours around Europe, KIconcerts has taken a fresh look at our European destinations, tour patterns and concert opportunities as well as the safety and economics of different destinations. This email focuses on Europe's South and North. In previous emails we have updated Austria, Italy, UK and Ireland.

SPAIN BARCELONA, MADRID, VALENCIA, SEVILLE, GRANADA – a gateway to PORTUGAL or the FRENCH RIVIERA (Provence, Avignon, Monaco). A magnificent coastline, Gaudi’s awe inspiring architecture, the legacy of the Moors and the exploration of the then known world. Spanish food, rhythms and sounds combine into a kaleidoscope of experiences including great concerts in commanding cathedrals, in local communities embracing exchanges and in the many different cultures of modern Spain. To the south is Portugal and to the north is France – equally enticing in richness of opportunity for unique performances

GREECE Walk with the ancient gods in Greece soaking in the origins of civilization at every street corner, in every town and on every Greek island. The sun warms the heart of the locals as they welcome our visiting ensembles, hosting concerts, dinners and dazzling touring experiences. A GREEK ISLAND cruise is an option for either 3 or 4 days including a chance to stage a concert for all the other passengers. Concerts in ATHENS round off a visit to this surprisingly affordable jewel of the Mediterranean.


NORTHERN EUROPE There are cost effective ways for ensembles to visit Europe’s north. For instance, a more affordable way to be immersed in the distinctive music and touring opportunities of the north is to start in Finland’s capital of HELSINKI, sail on a short ferry ride to TALLINN, Estonia and then perhaps end in RIGA, Latvia or sail overnight to STOCKHOLM, Sweden. In summer the days barely end, the old towns are historic gems, and each country’s culture is more distinctive than the last.

Europe is all this and more; AUSTRIA, ITALY, GERMANY, POLAND, CROATIA, FRANCE, the CZECH REPUBLIC and HUNGARY etc. etc. Experience the tapestry that weaves this patchwork of countries together and which offers you the finest opportunities in your world of music.

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