Friday, January 12, 2018

A fresh look at UK/IRELAND concert tours

KI’s has taken a fresh look at UK & Ireland to match the changing interests of our ensembles, world circumstances and alternative approaches to touring.

KI Ireland Sample ToursIRELAND offers value for money, comfort, and a whimsy unique to the Irish. Walk through amazing history, be applauded by appreciative audiences and keep an eye out for the occasional 4 leaf clover or leprechaun. Dublin is proudly hosting the 2019 festival with Henry Leck and the music of Michael McGlynn (and the voice of Ireland, Anúna).

KI concert tours to England, Wales & ScotlandIn ENGLAND, WALES & SCOTLAND ensembles are considering bypassing London and instead touring England’s fascinating Southwest, mysterious Wales, passionate Yorkshire and hearing the bagpipes of Scotland. Be immersed in the many ‘countries’ of Britain in exchange concert settings and feel the pulse of these ancient lands.

KI London Sample TourBut, for ‘pomp and circumstance’, nothing beats LONDON. One of the world’s truly great cities, London boasts more iconic sites per square mile than anywhere else in Europe; Buckingham Palace, Westminster, River Thames, Covent Garden, West End, St Paul’s Cathedral not to mention the royal baby and wedding this year. Great venues and a tradition of the finest music make this the perfect capital city to visit.

The UK offers so many opportunities to mix and match. For instance, Rollo Dilworth’s 2019 festival offers concerts in London and a featured performance at the Harrogate Festival of Music in England’s North while Thomas Lloyd’s Cathedral Anthems festival is being staged in Wales and London.

Enjoy a fresh look at performing in UK/Ireland with KIconcerts while the British Pound is at its most affordable in many a year.

Oliver Scofield

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