Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The International Band Festival in Spain 2013 with Dr. Matthew George

Dr. Matthew George will lead the KIconcerts 2013 Band Festival in Spain.

He has invited bands from across North America to join him in Valencia, Spain in June 2013.


For more than two centuries, Spain has harbored a hidden treasure: Bands.
The European epicenter for band activity is in Spain. From amateur groups to highly respected professional ensembles, Spanish bands are a way of life. Great repertoire written by leading Spanish composers is abundant. Every city has a professional band and there are thousands of superb amateur bands throughout the country.
Two of the most beautiful cities in Spain have exceptional band traditions, Barcelona and Valencia. I invite you to join me as we will have the opportunity to perform in exchange concerts, rehearse and perform alongside local bands, and to perform in one of the most beautiful concert halls in all of Spain, the Palau of Valencia.
Join me in clinics with leading conductors of Spain such as Raphael Sanz-Espert, and composers like Luis Serrano Alarcón. Because the tradition of band music is so rich, there is also a tradition of large, enthusiastic audiences. Your band will surely feel welcomed and appreciated.

Beyond the music, Spain has so much to offer in the arts, culture, food and ambience. This will be an unforgettable experience for you and your musicians.
I hope to see you in Spain in 2013, 

– Matthew George

KI has been honored to work with Dr. George in many capacities for many years now. He has led festivals for KI for instance in China and in Australia. He has commissioned: Gillingham, Cichy and Ticheli on our behalf so far and he has advised KI on staging the finest band tours for the many we have had the privilege to serve.

Spain is a country waiting for you to fall in love with it. It’s history, culture, picturesque scenery, way of life and especially its music are compelling. From the Gothic Quarter in Catalonian Barcelona boasting Gaudi architecture and the breathtaking Sagrada Familia, to the pride of the nation’s capital – Madrid with the extraordinary palace and stately churches and onto Valencia, the jewel in the crown and the city chosen by WASBE to host their 2013 gathering.

This festival combines the best of individual performances, the gala concert in the finest venue, local musicians and a local composition for a world premiere performance as the gala concert finale.

Join us in Spain

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