Monday, May 7, 2018

England's 2019 Choral Festival with Rollo Dilworth

KIconcerts: England's 2019 Choral Festival with Rollo Dilworth

Join me in England
London & Harrogate Music Festival
JUNE 29-JULY 7, 2019
Download England 2019 Rollo Dilworth prospectus

Magnificent London is hosting our 2019 festival rehearsals, individual performances and the gala concert. In addition, we will see all the iconic sights of this great city while we enjoy exchange concerts and prepare for our joining together as a combined festival choir.

Then, for those that wish it we will journey North to York and then onto Harrogate in England’s heartland. Harrogate is an ancient spa town renowned for its hospitality and for celebrating the arts. The Harrogate Music Festival is the jewel in the crown of the Harrogate International Festivals program and we are to be honored with a featured guest performance in the 2019 Festival. The breathtaking Royal Hall in Harrogate has been proposed as a possible venue for this gala concert.

Be in touch with me for further information on the musical elements of this festival and with KIconcerts for touring information.

See you in England

Rollo Dilworth
Artistic Director & Conductor

Rollo Dilworth is an excellent conductor, motivator and encourager for our children. He is a teacher at heart and an incredibly kind person. KI delivered exactly what they sold.

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