Friday, April 20, 2018

10 reasons to perform in Canada - including Frank Ticheli's Toronto Festival 2019

10 reasons CANADA should be your 
 2019/20 concert tour destination
  1. Familiar yet distinctive
  2. Join Frank Ticheli's Toronto Festival, June 24-28, 2019
  3. Enjoy short travel times and no jet lag
  4. Individual concerts & the combined festival band concert
  5. Affordable international travel
  6. Toronto/Niagara Falls sightseeing
  7. Exchange and collaboration opportunities
  8. Montreal – a taste of Europe in North America
  9. Hospitable, friendly and very welcoming
  10. Vancouver/Whistler – on Canada’s Pacific West
These are just some of the reasons why Canada’s one of our 10 most favored concert tour destinations – let us share our unique concert opportunities with you there!

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