Friday, March 23, 2018

AUSTRIA - One of the world's most outstanding concert tour destinations!

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The 10 TOP REASONS you need consider Austria as your 2019 or 2020 concert tour destination include:

  1. SALZBURG’S favorite son is celebrated throughout this charming town – see Mozart’s own violin and visit the house he lived in
  2. Sail down the Danube to Melk Abbey or drive up to ‘Haydn’s Esterhazy’
  3. JOHN DICKSON is leading a choir festival to Vienna – June 3-9, 2019
  4. Taste the world’s best Sache Torte
  5. VIENNA is a city of grandeur impressing all who visit – so many places to perform: St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Votivekirche, Peterskirche to name a few
  6. Relive the drama and excitement of the Sound of Music
  7. Sing Mozart’s Requiem (and a world premiere opener) – CATHERINE SAILER – June 17-23, 2019
  8. Enjoy exchanges and cultural immersion
  9. Visit AUSTRIA as a gateway to the Czech Republic (Prague), Hungary (Budapest), Germany (Munich)
  10. Sing for educated and appreciative audiences
These are just some of the reasons why Austria’s one of our 10 most favored concert tour destinations – let us share our unique concert opportunities with you there!

Oliver Scofield

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