Tuesday, September 6, 2016

SING AUSTRIA with me as we tour the land of Mozart - June 16-23, 2018 - choir festival with Angela Broeker

Dear Directors

Vienna & Salzburg…places beating within the hearts of all conductors, music educators and singers.

I am looking forward to rehearsing and conducting the combined festival choir in Vienna before presenting our gala concert again in Mozart’s hometown of Salzburg. I am also excited to hear our individual participating choirs sing their own concerts or in exchange/partner concerts in Vienna (as well as in extension cities if post-tour options are chosen).

Presenting this festival in Austria combines two of my passions: joining in community with musicians to create beautiful choral music and exploring amazing locations overseas. I have toured my own choirs happily with KIconcerts for many years now and am looking forward to this new collaboration with them.

Please feel free to be in touch with any questions you might have. I look forward to working with you and your choristers as we sing a festival choir program filled with wonderful music from around the world including Europe and the US.

I look forward to greeting you in Europe.

Angela Broeker
Artistic Director & Conductor

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