Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Introducing Iceland concert tours - as close as Europe gets

KIconcerts - Iceland choir tours

Europe: 5 hours from the E Coast, stunningly different, comfortably safe, culturally sophisticated, naturally pristine

A stepping stone to the UK and continental Europe or a unique destination in its own right!

Perform in one of the great venues of Reykjavik, tour the breathtaking sights within an hour of this most northerly capital city in the world and then, just 3 hours later, find yourself in any of the great cities of Europe.


Spend a week performing and touring this island of natural beauty venturing north where time spans millennia with vistas as vast as the glaciers that formed them.

Iceland boasts great venues, grand pianos in abundance, a choral tradition steeped in Northern traditions, a language descended from ancient Norse and a courteous warmth from times gone by.

Horses as distinctive as when the Vikings brought them, whales swimming close by, a geyser that erupts every 7 minutes or so, steam that seemingly comes from the very centre of the earth and geothermal water for lagoons, swimming pools in every community and to power the country.

Perform and enjoy cultural exchanges far removed from the worries of the world and be forever changed by the traditional land that Iceland remains.

Be in touch for more information on custom tours and for information about 2018 festival programs with Henry Leck and Simon Carrington in Iceland (tbd).

Sjáumst á Íslandi!

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