Friday, April 22, 2016


At the end of April, Henry Leck retires from the Indianapolis Children’s Choir which he founded 30 years ago. We are delighted to announce he will be leading the 2017 Ireland festival during his first year of retirement.

Through the ICC, Henry has inspired thousands of children, countless admiring conductors as well as administrators. During his tenure at Butler University he has educated a generation of musicians and music educators.

Henry has built a legacy worthy of his talent, energy and grace. We are delighted that he has agreed to become KIconcerts Distinguished Music Advisor. In this role he will lead festivals, nurture emerging talent, develop new projects with KI.

Join us in Ireland for a festival that features treble and high school singers with Henry. Ireland is safe, comfortable and easy to tour. Warm audiences, historical venues, keen exchange groups ensure a musically enriching experience while the culture, traditions and beauty of the country contribute to lasting memories.

Please contact Henry Leck or me for more information.

Oliver Scofield

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