Monday, June 8, 2015

Ireland just became more affordable - 2016 Ireland Choir Festival with Elena Sharkova

Dear Friends

Happy summer to you all! I hope that vacation plans are on your calendars and alarm clocks can be silenced for a few weeks :-)

Shall we plan next summer?

With the stabilizing of the US dollar at .90 to the Euro, KIconcerts is passing on further reductions for my festival in Ireland next year.

The price for both the 8 and 9 day programs has now dropped another $200 per person. This includes the combined and individual performance opportunities, travel insurance, group tips, two fine meals a day, charter coaches and fine tour managers, all the sightseeing and good hotel accommodation (wow— say all that five times fast!). It also includes the airfare (based on fares from NY – count on aprox $200 for West Coast add on fares) and one complimentary package for every 20 travelers (non singers and singers alike).

KIconcerts will lock in these prices even if the exchange rates change!

I wonder if there is ever going to be a cheaper time to travel to Europe. Really — let’s go!

I hope this helps you to consider joining me and other fine young singers (including Cantabile Youth Singers that I direct) in the West of Ireland and then Dublin - places steeped in great history, culture and whimsy.

Please be in touch if this is something you think might be achievable for you and even some of your singers if your full choir cannot travel internationally next year.

Best wishes for a great summer,

Elena Sharkova

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