Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Keep Calm and Keep Singing - the UK - and Galván & Sharkova Ireland choir festivals in 2016

KIconcerts: UK/Ireland performance tours

By ‘royal decree’ ensembles from around North America are commanded to entertain the citizens of the British Isles.

Concerts in London, exchanges in Wales, performances in Scotland. Festivals and charming good value abound in the Republic of Ireland while Northern Ireland is again open for international performance visitors after decades.

From the place where ‘pomp and circumstance’ were invented come invitations to perform at awe inspiring Cathedrals, to stage exchange concerts, become friends with others that speak (a form of) English, and to participate in two great festivals in Ireland.

June 2016 Rural Ireland & Dublin with Elena Sharkova
  • Children, youth and school choirs
  • Mid June
  • Sing alongside Irish choristers
  • Whimsical rural Ireland and Dublin

July 2016 Belfast & Dublin with Janet Galván
  • Students, youth choirs and community ensembles
  • Early July
  • Warmly welcoming Canadian ensembles too
  • Discover Belfast and explore Dublin

The loyal subjects of the Queen’s realm seek your presence for an audience as do the citizens of the Republic of Ireland!

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