Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Present Australia is changing its name to KIconcerts

Exciting Changes at Present Australia

Present Australia is changing its name to KIconcerts. Michael Clohesy and Oliver Scofield continue to direct and own the company as they do KIconcerts. KI is a leading company solely specializing in performance tours in Europe, the U.S., Asia, Africa, and Central & South America through its offices and specialist partners around the world. The streamlining of our operations through this integration brings you many benefits as seen on the KIconcerts website - we can now serve the international performance needs of our Australian bands, choirs and orchestras in an even more seamless manner. Larina Hansen, our Groups Manager in Sydney, looks forward to discussing your touring needs.

ROLLO DILWORTH in Australia in August - Choirs

HICES is bringing Rollo Dilworth to Australia for a program of activities in Sydney. Rollo is a dear friend of KIconcerts and while he is in Australia he is giving selected workshops in Melbourne and Brisbane. Australian choirs are welcome to consider attending The Rollo Dilworth Festival in Dublin and Belfast at the end of June/early July 2015 before perhaps performing in London. CONTACT US FOR DETAILS

JASON NOBLE in Australia in July - Band

We hosted Jason Noble in Australia last year for band clinics and workshops in Melbourne and Sydney. Jason has agreed to return 16-23 July and will visit Brisbane as well this time. You are invited to register interest if you would like consideration of Jason holding a free clinic for your band. CONTACT US FOR DETAILS 

Morten Lauridsen’s Lux Aeterna and Sarah Hopkins’ Honour the Earth

At the Sydney Opera House on 13 July 2014 and Brisbane’s St John's Cathedral on 16 July 2014, Dr. Heather Buchanan will conduct the Voices Across the Pacific Choir in the sublime Lux Aeterna and Honour the Earth. The choir is made up of singers from around Australia and across America.

KIconcerts is happy to make complimentary tickets available to recipients of this newsletter. Just send an email with the number required to KIparticipants@KIconcerts.com

Pre-concert talk: Body mapping – a Conductor’s craft

Dr. Heather Buchanan will give a talk on her research and practice of Body Mapping – a self-inquiry somatic (mind-body) educational technique that teaches musicians how to attain freedom of expression through poised and dynamic musical movement by understanding the neurophysiological connections (body maps) in the human body – in the Northern Foyer of the Sydney Opera House on Sunday 13 July. 

KIconcerts is proud to be building on the great work that Present Australia has undertaken in the international music scene in Australia for some 25 years. We only arrange international concert tours and this sole focus enables us to excel in staging ensembles in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. Be in touch to discuss your touring plans.

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